WildmanT Big Boy Pouch 5" Inseam Boxer Brief Dark Blue $27 USD
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WildmanT says they are the big pouch underwear specialists. All of the Big Boy line comes with a roomy pouch that cups your boys to keep them separate and free from your body. This prevents your boys from being smashed to the side of your leg or overheating.



This Boxer Brief has a 5″ inseam leg and the standard oversized pouch with plenty of room. The large pouch separates the manhood from the rest of the body. The soft Cotton fabric allows everything to breath and prevent overheating. The oversized pouch is the first thing you notice when you unbox them. Furthermore, the underwear looks normal, without striking colors or the like. It comes in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes.



The Boxer Brief is good looking and very comfortable. When I took the WildmanT out of the packaging I was a bit shocked. The pouch looked super big and I was worried it would be too big for me. I immediately put it on, to see how everything would fall into place. Immediately I was surprised by the way everything fell comfortably into the pouch. The pouch is big enough for me and I expect this to be the case for many men.



The Boxer Brief is made of 92% Cotton and 8% Lycra The material feels quite thick, but not so thick that it gets too hot and sweaty. Compared to Obviously underwear, for example, it is a completely different material.



Being a premium brand, I stick to washing on cold at a regular setting, and then put them in the dryer at the low/delicate setting.


Our Views:

A while ago I was looking for new underwear and asked George if he had any tips. He came up with WildmanT. I had come across this underwear regularly in my search and I had already read good things about it. That’s why I decided to order a Boxer Brief from their collection. WildmanT is known for their large pouch and that is the first thing I noticed. On the website and their social media I already saw that the pouch offers enough space for a very large device.
When I unpacked the Boxer Brief, the pouch was the thing that immediately caught my eye. Because I had already read a lot about the underwear on the internet, I was very curious whether this could become a brand that I could wear every day. After unpacking it, I put it on immediately. Man, what a nice feeling. Finally spacious underwear with a very comfortable pouch. I kept it on all day to get a good feel for how it would behave throughout the day. This went very well. The pouch is large enough, but also provides enough support. Everything stays in place perfectly. What immediately stands out when you wear it under tight jeans is the bulge. Because the pouch is spacious and the material is shaped in such a way that everything is “pushed” forward, it leaves nothing to the imagination. I don’t think this is a problem for me, but I can understand that not everyone wants this. I wear it under jeans, but under trousers it really stands out too much for me.
I would not recommend it for men who are not that big. I think the support of the pouch will be less and I wonder if comfort will be maintained as a result.
Because the length of the underwear is quite long, it does not roll up.


Would I buy again? Yes, because the material is very comfortable and the Big Pouch is amazing.


Your Views:

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Is there a platform under your balls? It docent look your dick is hard, yet, your piece looks like its defying gravity.


Hi Christian,
No, my penis is not hard. I think it seems that way because my scrotum is pretty close to the body and the penis is over it. In addition, the pouch is made in such a way that everything comes forward a bit.


Good review! Looks like you found the underwear that fits your size!


Thank you Raid, I am happy to have a comfortable brand again!

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