WenHong Men's C Shape String Panty Mix Color ~10 USD
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I’m pleased to have one of newest writer I’ve met on Twitter.  Please help support him on Twitter and of course reviews on Wearviews.  His first review is a C String underwear that a lot of men is curious and want to know how it works.  I’m curious as I don’t see this as a piece of underwear you will wear everyday, but I think it’s great for guys who like to go commando.  Please support Tom (Undies Lover @Mens__Undies) https://twitter.com/Mens__Undies

George W.


Men’s C-String is an ultra minimalist garment for guys who like to add something different to their underwear drawer. This seductive little number combines the best features of a men’s thong and a men’s G-string with no waistband.



The C-string I’m reviewing comes in many different colours from different companies/ seller’s. This pair I’m reviewing is in red/ black colour. Design is very ultra minimalist only covering the areas which been to be



These fit very well on my body and the fit is great, but can take some adjustment to get the perfect fit and hold to the boby.



The material is a blend of Polypropylene fiber + Acrylic Fiber. Overall construction is good and does not have loose threads.


Our Views:

So when fitted they feel nice on the skin and give my penis room to move about in the pouch. When wearing them for the day you do need to adjust from time to time but does make adjusting bit difficult, however the adjusting and fiddling around can result in erection which can be a problem as my erect penis did poke out the top.

Since there is no such thing as a fly, going to do your business will be a little different. I found the easiest way to slip him out from the side then reposition after you are done. To put them on, you will need to rest the end between your cheeks and your butt muscles will hold it in place. It’s definitely something you rarely experience.



Will you buy them again? Yes – Great for them hot days and playful days minimal fabric and no waistband.


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