Wangjiang ice silk physiological pouch trunks
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I have owned this pair of trunks for about six months but I have only worn them a handful of times because they’re a little too small for me. I wanted to review them so other guys know how they fit and feel.

I was shopping on aliexpress just looking at all the different interesting styles of underwear and I came across this pair of Wangjiang trunks which are described as breathable, soft and stretchy.

There is a size guide on the aliexpress page that I ordered them off of that says that a medium would fit a size 28-31 waist so I ordered a medium but they’re a little too small still.



These are a trunk style brief so the leg is shorter and they are more of a square shape almost. For this pair you put your whole package (including the balls as well) into the O shaped opening so that it can hang inside the pouch. There is a fly on both sides so you can take your penis out on the left or the right when you need to pee or do something else.



The pouch is great for average sized guys like me but probably not for “bigger” men. They are not very supportive at all so your junk does bounce around when you walk. As you can see this pair is too small on me in the bum and the legs as well. The O ring pouch opening can on this pair is kind of tight almost like a c-ring. These may be for a more bold guy that wants to show off his junk more.



They’re 90% nylon and 10% spandex with a metallic gold waistband that says Wangjiang.


Our Views:

These underwear are not ideal for the office or gym because you will be showing too big of a bulge, I tried them out at my gym under athletic shorts and I felt like my whole package was really clearly outlined and sticking straight out. I almost never wear them because they’re too small and they create too big of a bulge in my pants. I have worn them once as a surprise for my girlfriend but she did not like them. The fabric is really breathable which is probably the best part about them and with the pouch having openings on both sides and only one layer of fabric my junk did stay dry the whole day.

There is definitely not enough room in the pouch for a guy with an average sized dick to grow if he gets a boner because there’s not enough fabric, you could try flipping it up in to the waistband though. I noticed that after peeing when a few drops of urine got on the fabric it became see through and it left a mark until I washed them. There is a seam down the middle of the pouch which is a little uncomfortable on the head of my penis so I have had to adjust it many times to one side. They are a little too tight on my perineum which can become uncomfortable if I’m wearing them for too long, for example I wore them while I wrote this review and they are irritating the skin on my perineum and anus and I have to keep adjusting them.

George W: “I also own a version of this pair of trunks; however, it arrived in XXL which was oversized for me.  I tried them on and they still fit well and it seems like it was just a sized up.  My smaller sized assets seems to fit well in these and I have added some photos for members to see when there are unexpected moments.   You can see the photos of the bright green below on how they fit on me.”



Will I buy another one? No. I will not buy them again. I did try to order a larger size but they never came so I kind of gave up, I wasn’t blown away by this pair so I won’t even bother ordering a third time.


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I think whites look great, plus they give that semi-transparency that always looks so good. Very good review and I hope you continue uploading many more reviews.


I like how the green ones look. I might buy a pair for myself. Do you remember where u got them? Thanks 😊


Wow. That difference is pretty amazing. I think you need to do a full on update with the new size!


Great review gmangman225. They look like a pair I’d be interested in getting, but you’re review sways me otherwise. Have you tried sheath or separatec? If so how do they compare?

George W

I own a pair of these too, but I didn’t review them because they shipped XXL to me and I am wearing them today to see how they go. Funny that XXL doesn’t fall off my waist and I don’t have a large package that won’t fit in the pouch. Just wearing it for 2 hours now and I can feel the O ring and I may need to take this off in a few hours later due to discomfort, but update here.


Very helpful additions to the review. They remind me a lot of the AOElements Kangaroo pouch underwear, except you don’t have to point up. Did you end up having to take these off from discomfort?

George W

I took them off as the full package goes through the hole and the rubbing against the O ring can cause unnecessary friction around the base. It didn’t rub a lot but the sack could fall back half way back into the hole and then the rubbing will pull hair and needs adjustment. Maybe because this one is XXL, I feel my assets are too small for the pouch.

George W

I hope my boner will help people understand what it means. I would say these are looser fit, but still fits well.

Tommy L

Somehow those pics are no longer showing up.

George W

It’s in the members section up in the review. I did not post them in the chat since everybody sees it and they are not for under 18 to see.

Tommy L

Got it. I thought the green and the white pair were both Cam initially. I’m slow on the uptake. haha.


I can understand that. I feel that my separatecs kinda fall into that category. Overall I like them, but the material and fit aren’t great for me. I just got in a different material and size that I’m eager to try out. Do you have any other reviews planned for the future?


I look forward to reading your thoughts!

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