To give anyone interested an idea what it might look like to freeball in sweatpants. I don't freeball all the time because it can become uncomfortable. once i had an unexpected semi erection while I was at the mall with my son, he said "dad your pecker is poking out too far that's so weird" I told him "it's natural all guys will understand it's nothing to be ashamed of" but I did try to pull my shirt down more to cover it. Has that type of moment ever happened to you too? Share your story below

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Mike L

I don’t freeball but I have seen a guy wearing sweatpants clearly spotting a boner while kissing his girlfriend in a parking lot. He is probably freeballing or wearing loose boxers.


I’ve thankfully never had someone call me out on it, but there have definitely been times it’s visible. I wear scrubs at work commonly and now know to tie them with some of the fabric bunched in the front to hide anything. I’ve noticed it way more prominently now that I’ve gotten some dual pouch underwear.

George W

How old is your son? I have had unexpected boners and my underwear was unable to stop it. I’m not as open as you, and I would put my hands in the pockets to create a bulge so the pecker isn’t the only thing sticking out. I haven’t been brave going freeball outside of my house though.


My son is 16 so he knows all about boners, I don’t want to embarras him but as I said it’s a natural thing and nothing to be ashamed of. I also put my hands in my pockets and try to grab it to the side if he grows too big.


I agree with your approach Mason. It was just me and my dad growing up and we wouldn’t even try to hide our boners at home, actually we would crack jokes about it because it was just not weird. Defantely not something to be ashamed of

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