I have been wearing SAXX Vibe trunks for a few years and love the fit, material
and ballpark pouch. Favourite underwear!

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They look good on you, do they create a noticeable bulge under pants?


I have this pair and they don’t create a noticable bulge through my pants which is why I never wear them. I like to show off a bulge in my pants because im an alpha and extremely masculine


Not really a more noticeable bulge, unless pants are a snugger, thin material. I like that they provide a pouch for my stuff, but yet are not tight. Briefs have always been very uncomfortable for me and I have tended towards boxers which can be too “free” most of the time.The material is very nice because it is supportive but also gives when needed and yeah, if a person gets hard, it will show. Not always bad, haha.

George W

They don’t create a bigger bulge, the pouch does not lift the sack up much. It’s a V shaped pouch and not the U shape in other brands.

George W

SAXX is one of my favorite underwear too. I have reviewed a lot of them and the ballpark pouch is great, but I’m still looking for the best underwear for me.

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