I don't generally wear a lot of red clothing but underwear are the exception. I like the black blue and greys but also enjoy some colourful pairs. Do you guys stick to the conservative colours or prefer the fun colourful ones?

Mike L
Mike L
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I prefer underwear in dark colors like black, red or blue. I also find that the optimal color also depends on the skin type. Luminous light colors are more suitable for men with darker skin color. Of course, you should wear what you like and what suits to the situation.

I Wear all colours going as a bit of fun, I think white show the best of the package but sometimes just a fun pair are the way forward lol

George W

I love brighter colors. Orange, red, blue are my favorite. If I want to be conservative it’s black, but sometimes it has a touch of red. You can see my choices with my reviews.

BTW, they look great on you. 😊


I do like colorful underwear! sometimes it can be fun! These looks cool, I’ve never tried Evolve brand do you like them?

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