Has anyone any experience with the new Hanes Total Support Pouch boxer briefs? The price and design are intriguing. If I buy a pair I will definitely dust off my camera lens take a few selfies to share. In the meantime any comments or reviews of Hanes Total support pouch is helpful .

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I bought a pack off Amazon and ended up returning them. The bottom of the pouch ends a bit high for my preference, although I think my junk sits a bit lower than average. The fabric also feels really cheap and coarse. And after one wash on the delicate cycle I had loose threads coming undone. I’d splurge more money for Saxx over these.

George W

Hanes is a more everyday brand and really can’t compare them to SAXX or other premium brands. The pouch lifting too much wouldn’t work for sure as it has a weird feeling throughout the day. Too bad it didn’t work for you. SAXX is still one of the brands I look forward to… But they aren’t all good. Unfortunately.


Well, in the Hanes my balls get smashed below the bottom of the pouch. I’m a bigger guy though so your results may vary.

I do hesitate to say buy Saxx because you’re right, they’re not all good. Saxx used to be really good, especially their Pro Elite line which hasn’t been made in a few years, but today it’s hit or miss with them.

George W

I have been looking at these, but haven’t bought them to review. I still have a backlog of underwear to review, so I don’t mind you buying a pair and seeing how they work for you and do a review.

George W

Looking forward!

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