You can definitely see the head here but I don’t really get too embarrassed about it. Would be kinda awkward to get a full boner in admittedly but could always tuck it in the waistband

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Looking good, when I notice a guys freeballing dick print I always give him a little nod. Women go without bras often and I see nipples poking through their shirts so I think men freeballing is the same thing. It is not right for all the time but sometimes you just need to swing free. we’re all guys, weve all got one, dont be ashamed.

Curious to know what yours looks like from the side as well

George W

It’s not that obvious, but keep in mind that you were standing there when you took the photo. If you were walking the swing can show more and then the rubbing can cause boners if you are sensitive and young. Then it point forward. Thanks for the share!


Hm I guess you can kind of see the head of the head but I don’t think it would be obvious or anything! I guess you’re right about flipping your boner in to the waistband, I would still be afraid that my shirt would lift and someone might see it sticking out of the top! Thanks for sharing!

George W

I hope you control your mind and just let it relax before your shirt lifts.. just think of something else… 🙂

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