So today I went to the gym but I forgot my jockstrap in my gym bag... as I'm standing there in the locker room I texted my gf asking her to please bring me me jock but she said she was busy and to just free-ball it. I have never tried freeballing before because I don't like to have my guy flap around with no restriction. When I got home I told her it's too revealing and I wont do it again but she said it's not revealing at all haha. So I'm posting this to see what other men think. Do you ever freeball and if so do you ever prefer it? If anybody can share a pic of your own freeball situation would be appreciated so I can get an idea of what it looks like on other men to see if I look weird in comparison. As you can see my penis head is almost visible and it makes a noticable bulge from the side which I am not in to, but maybe that's normal for freeball?

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I would defanately notice that tent in your shorts but you can just press it down with your hand or make a fist and flex and that pums blood to the arm instead and your boner goes down

George W

Some people will look at you.. it all depends if you are self aware or not. But I do agree with Mason… we all have one and we could opt to go without our bra for our assets.

George W

I don’t have a penis that is long enough to follow gravity to hang down. When I go freeballing, I typically point forward which on slim fit shorts do not look good. Looser fit is not as bad. But freeballing at the gym really depends on what you do at the gym. Weightlifting shouldn’t be a problem and guys should be staring at your lower part of the body at the gym and if they do, consider it a compliment.

I wouldn’t go freeballing if I were going on the elliptical or treadmill since my guy doesn’t like bouncing around and clashing onto my thighs. 🤦‍♂️

George W

another comparison


for me I prefer the look on the left with a natural subtle bulge shape, I think that’s the way men should look. I always show a bulge every day because it makes me feel powerful and masculine. People notice and treat me with more respect because of it swear to god.

with yours it doesn’t stick out too much so it’s not offensive at all and I think most women would find that more attractive than flat down there. You rock it well George.

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I hope this helps you get an idea of how it looks i wore these shorts all day to the mall and to the coffee shop and I don’t think you can relly see my pecker at all. I am average size cock and I wear these shorts freeballing all the time. I like the freeing feeling and trust me most people you’ll interact with wont look at you down there.

I encourage more men to do it, this is a cool idea to post our freebaling pictures.

women go braless, men can do freeball sometimes!


this is what im talking about. dont get me wrong i love my underwear but freeballing is just fucking manly. show it off, you are a man and you should be proud.

heres me in my jeans the other day. multipe women complimented my jeans. hidden my face for privacy


Mason, don’t get me wrong, I think those shorts look nice and complement you well, but there’s definitely some penis bulge outline. Personally I think it’s fine. Some people will notice, but I don’t think it’s anything offensive or graphic. If I met you on the street I’d have to ask, “How’s it hangin'”. 😉


Some people may notice my little bulge but like you said its not graphic and if their staring their probably a pervert. Hahahaha if you asked me hows it hanging I would say “it’s hanging free”


Then we’d high five and become best friends.


I feel that is entirely normal for freeballing in gym shorts. I applaud your bravery for being at the gym. Plus I feel like that would get pretty uncomfortable while working out. Were you already freeballing or did you not want to wear your regular undies at the gym? I’ll try to post a pic in my gray gym shorts later today.


I don’t think it’s any more noticeable than yours.


Side view


With a semi for comparison. Definitely more visible.


Here’s a little thinner pair of shorts. Again, you can just make out the head, but it’s not in your face.


I took one free balling in my gym shorts today I can post. You can definitely see the head of my dick but it doesn’t really bother me. If people are looking at my crotch they’re asking for it as far as I’m concerned lol.

George W

I fixed it.

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