So today I have ditch he pouch and going to be wearing the good old trust briefs, I don't know why but I just love these .....

What's ur favourite and why?

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I don’t know if I can call it my favourite but I like my Navigare cotton briefs because of their comfort … although they might look a litte old-fashioned 😉 But I guess that’s called vintage look or retro look nowadays 😉

George W

Never heard of this brand too and just Googled it. Seems like they do offer lots of different styles and underwear. There is nothing wrong with old-fashioned/vintage look or retro looks. The most important is that they are comfortable. As the purpose of this site, is to crowd source reviews from the everyday men. There is no way for a single guy to buy every brand and rate them. It needs all of us to tell us what is good. It does look a bit tighter in the package area, but maybe a side view may show that there is a lot of room. It’s a bit hard to see just from a front view.

Thanks for the share!

Tommy L

Never heard of this brand, but always in the market for comfort. haha. Looks like plenty of room for your tool, but are the boys cramped up? So far, I liked the green longjiang briefs the best on you. I’m interested in the hortz fly to save the waistband from stretching out – always going over the gate, tho I don’t really know how that fly works exactly. You are introducing me to all these new brands!

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