Uniqlo AIRism Mesh V-Neck Sleeveless Top
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Uniqlo is a Japanese brand that hit the American market for quite some time (since 2005) and their AIRism brand is design to keep you dry as it wicks moisture, releases heat, and absorbs sweat while maintaining a smooth feel all day.

AIRism has the following properties:

  1. Quick-drying and breathable,
  2. Anti-microbial and self-deodorizing,
  3. Stays cool to touch,
  4. Amazingly stretchy,
  5. Absorbs, neutralizes and eliminates sources of odor in clothing.



These undershirts come in a few colors – black, white and beige. We are reviewing the black version. The styling of these sleeveless t-shirts are different from A-shirts and has a bigger shoulder strap. They are meshed and quite see through which you can consider sexy. But again, these are undershirts, you rarely would just wear them when going out. You may wear them when you are lounging around in the house.



The fit is great as I fit into a medium size in North American standards and the fit seems to snug around my body very well. There is definitely more room if you are a more muscular fit. It does feel like you are not wearing anything when you just have them on.



Although these shirts are undershirts, they do use ultra soft breathable fabric and does have flat-lock stitching to reduce any irritation with any rubbing. They stretch to fit snugly without any bagginess or restrictions when moving around. They are made with 94% Polyester and 6% Spandex with the new version being made with 83% Nylon and 17% Spandex. So the newer version should be more stretchy and also hides behind your clothes more because there are no seams.


Our Views:

I noticed that you seeing me wearing the previous version and they have released a new version of these undershirts. I have provide a link to the Uniqlo site for the new version. The new version does not have any seams in the v-neck area and in the arm area. These shirts are smooth and cool to touch, very breathable and has anti-odor properties. They work very well in hot environments to keep you cool. I assume the white version would be better under the sun, cos the black will still absorb more heat. I would love these during the hot summer time as an extra layer to absorb sweat so that my exterior t-shirt will not look too wet. You may think why wear an undershirt in the hot summer? I personally like wearing undershirts to keep the feeling of some protection. I don’t like crew t-shirts because I stink a lot in the armpits if I wear crew/v-neck undershirts. These shirts give me the snug feeling, but is lightweight enough and breathable to keep me cool.



Will I buy them again? YES – but they don’t make them anymore. However, the new version might be as great.

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