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One of our readers suggested that I review the UnderGents brand which is a new comer in the industry and headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona.

An extract from UnderGents website on what they do:

“UnderGents was developed over several years as the 3rd wave in men’s underwear. UnderGents is insuring the items worn closest to your body are the most comfortable items you wear, hence our name, “Under” for products worn under your clothes combined with “Gentle” for the CloudSoft™ gentle feel and our focus on men’s products. With our focus on comfortable function and style, we believe UnderGents are the most comfortable underwear in the world.

We are looking to redefine what every man can expect in terms of comfort and function in his underwear. To achieve this revolutionary new underwear (boxer briefs, trunks, & briefs), we researched what men disliked and liked about their current underwear and used this data as a roadmap to create comfortable underwear that would drastically improve men’s comfort down below. We found that only 20% of men are satisfied with their underwear comfort, that’s as bad as Congress. With 70% of men uncomfortable and 10% of men going commando to have some relief, we knew there was work to be done.

The time has come for men to be comfortable in their underwear. Leading the 3rd wave in men’s underwear means providing comfort underneath for today’s gentleman who is scoring big on the job, on the court, at home, or simply in life. Whether you wear boxer briefs, trunks, briefs/bikinis, or traditional boxer shorts; your underwear should not only keep up with you every step (jump, bend and stretch) of the way, but treat you and the boys down below to soft cool comfort all day, every day.

Your body moves in all directions, and so should your underwear? UnderGents is made with our unique Cloudsoft™ fabric that utilizes a nature-based micro modal that has been researched and developed to provide unbelievable softness along with support and stretch to keep you comfortable and in-place, all the time. Our Cloudsoft™ fabric is multiple times more absorbent than cotton, has incredible air permeability and disperses heat to keep you cool, dry, and odor free all-day long . The natural all-way stretch fabric design has anti-odor and moisture-wicking properties to keep men feeling fresh all day, everyday so you can finally keep the cologne above the belt where it belongs.”

We are reviewing the Inspirato Trunk which seems to be sold out on their site and we do not know if they discontinue it, but this should apply to their boxer briefs. The boxer briefs will have a longer leg length which may be different with the roll up



The style of these trunks are plain. Black fabric with white contrast stitching to show the pouch area and the sides where the front and back panels. The gray waistband with UnderGents logo looks like there are some texture feeling with the UnderGents logo is superimposed.

Overall, I feel these are standard trunks for guys who are looking for the conservative feel. In fact the design is similar to the SAXX Vibe that I reviewed previously and the only difference is the waistband and brand.


UnderGents did say that it’s a comfort fit without compression. I felt these were a bit loose in comparison to other underwear. I wish they were a bit more closer to the skin. The loose fabric causes the legs to roll up more and feels less supportive. This is their design as they did say that it’s designed to move with you and avoid the compression over-tight squeezing feel that men get with other men’s underwear brand.



They did copyright the fabric calling it CloudSoft™ fabric which keeps you dry and odor free. It’s made with 95% Modal and 5% Spandex. Overall the quality of stitching is decent for the price point where it’s placed.

Our Views:

I do admit that the CloudSoft fabric being soft and cool to touch. The modal fabric has the premium feel and stretches another 30-40%. In comparison, I would say the fabric does stand up very well with other competitors.
The Vitruvian multi-panel construction has a seamless seat/back panel is a feature they pointed out as a feature. In some ways I prefer some stitching in the seat/back panel to help support the butt as you move. It does feel that the single panel with a loose fit doesn’t give much support needed.

The stitching across the underwear is flat, but the stitching was a bit off in quality. The white stitch has pieces of black patches which seems like a poor stitch, but in fact the stitch is well done, but the looks of it does not look like high quality.

Pouch area
UnderGents says that the pouch area is all-In contoured, oblong, front pouch for friction-less support & comfort for the boys. When just looking at the pouch fabric, there is a small contour and it’s definitely smaller than other brands. The looser fit may be fine with a small contour, but it doesn’t really create a pouch for the boys to sit in making the boys hang and higher degree of movement.

There is no fly, so you do need to go over the gate and it is very easy to pull the waistband down to do your business. Although, I did mention the stitch looks poor, they are flat and does not chaf or irritate the skin. The legs roll up because of the loose fabric, but doesn’t cause a lot of discomfort.

I highly suggest downsizing if you can if you want a tighter fit, or the brand may just not be your taste.



Will I buy another one? No – they are too loose for my liking. I think there is a market for this type of underwear as we all are shaped differently and you find that the other brands are too tight for your waist size. Unfortunately, I might be too small in many areas and not allowing me to enjoy this pair of underwear.


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