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The Original BoxerJock by Under Armour is lightweight and made with smooth HeatGear fabric for superior performance. As a result of the 4-way stretch construction helps you move better in every direction. The materials wicks sweat & dries really fast and has an anti-odour technology which prevents the growth of odour-causing microbes. The pair of boxer also has a performance waistband to ensure maximum movements.



The look of these boxers are very masculine and shows very well. There is a wide range of colours from very conservative black to bright colours (Brillant Blue) like the one we have in this review. The polyester does make the boxers to be quite shiny reflecting light and shows the contours and curves quite well.  The original BoxerJock does come in 3″, 6″ and 9″ inseams.  I feel that 3″ is too short as I like a bit longer boxers so that the legs don’t ride up when sitting down.  The 9″ seems to be too long and extends a bit when wearing shorts.



The fit is a semi-compression style which I feel that it is not too tight.  I wouldn’t say that it is extremely tight like the ISOChill series.  This pair is not totally meshed like the ISOChill version and is meshed in the pouch area.  Similar to the Tech series BoxerJock, the inseam stitching in the interior fabric is reverse which creates an odd line in the pouch area.  The legging area feels good and not tight at all.  The legging area does not roll up.  Similar to all Under Armour underwear, the cut in the pouch area adds space for your boys which does not feel any pressure to the boys.



The stitching is great as expected from Under Armour. The stitches is smooth and avoid chafing. The branding of the fabric is Under Armour’s HeatGear is suppose to regulate temperature, moisture wicking, anti-microbial treatment to prevent odours, and the 4-way stretch for active movement in every direction.


Our Views:

This pair of boxers is designed for workouts at the gym or any sports. It’s perfect for those purposes. The only downside is the pouch design could add more support so that your boys don’t bounce around when jumping around or any up and down motions. When doing heavy workouts, sweat does build up and you may feel stickiness down there, but fortunately the mess pouch does help wick away the sweat and dries much faster.



I think this pair of boxers is great for workouts at the gym, but it’s very good for everyday wear since it’s not too tight and it wicks away your sweat no matter what you are doing. Will I buy again? YES – to replace.

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