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This pair of tights is  Under Armour’s Armour 2.0 ¾ legging.  This layer you put on first and take off last. It’s tight to wick away sweat and quick-drying to keep you cool. No athlete can go without it. Just putting it out there – I don’t wear these just like that at the gym – I do put on a pair of shorts on top of them – I will soon review them too. Like the shorter leggings/tights,  I know there are many debates of wearing shorts or not on top – but that is not for today’s discussion.



As Under Armour’s version 2.0 of the ¾ baselayer, I believe lots of men who go to the gym would own a pair of these tights. Styling for ¾ lengths matter a bit more than the shorter leggings – since you will be able to see the lower part of the legging even with a pair of shorts on.  If you are brave enough you can just wear them as is and I doubt most men would care about it.  If you want eyes on you throughout your workout, then go ahead and do it.  Anyhow, Under Armour knows that there needs to be some styling on the lower legs and that is why they did add some styling to the lower half of the leggings.  There are many styles, colours and even models for the 2.0 ¾ baselayer, and you just need to find the right one.  I know they have an olive colour one which is very sharp and if you are brave to wear them as is – I will give you 👍👍👍👍 for being so brave!  Accompanying the lower design, the waistband is about an inch and shows Under Armour’s signature log around the waistband.  It finishes the touches with a fabric piece covering the stitching in the back where the waistbadn meets.   I would say these are very stylish.



I think this is where this ¾ leggings disappoint me.  They are suppose to be Compression and Ultra-tight.  I wear medium throughout the full Under Armour lineup and wearing a medium pair of these leggings don’t give me the compression needed for my workouts.  I am  about 178 cm in height, and these are suppose to be ¾ length.  As you can see these end up being full length for my shorter lets.  I think they could be 2-3 inches shorter for me.  Maybe their half length will end up being ¾ length.  I don’t know.  The material is thin, so any accidents may easily puncture them and may end up needing a new pair.



The gusset/pouch area is made with a single layer of mesh panel.  I think Under Armour expects all men to wear them under shorts.  Because of the single layer of mesh, it is highly possible that your package can easily be exposed in the gym environment.  I hope you don’t see too much of my package in the photos.  I believe different colours will cause more visiblity and darker colors like the ones I have can only provide a bulge figure and less of the package itself.  These tights are designed so that you can stretch them in all 4 ways and it doesn’t constraint you from any direction and I agree that they can provide that 4 way motion.


Our Views:

I bought these because I wanted some leggings for the gym and didn’t want to spend 3 times the price I paid for these for the UA Rush or better leggings.  Overall, the materials are thin and they do keep you cool, but I am not sure if it gives you the benefits if you are a guy who do intensive leg workouts at the gym.  If you do, I would suggest paying for a more expensive pair of leggings and actually get the benefits of a compression legging should give you.



Will I buy again:  Maybe – to replace – but I would want to get some UA Rush and get the benefits of real compression.

Your Views:

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