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Since the Gen 4/5 pair is very similar to this Gen 3 pair, if you have already read my Gen 4/5 Regular support version, most of the content is the same.


UFM’s idea for an adjustable pouch underwear was started in 2013.  The concept was similar to women who needed to wear a bra to support their womanhood, men also needed underwear to support their manhood.  I am not sure how many of you agree with UFM’s statement with the support of their manhood, but I do agree we do need some sort of support, especially when you are running or doing active sports.  You don’t want your boys bouncing up and down and causing pain when it’s not necessary.

We all know that men’s underwear has not changed for many years and recent years, you see a lot of different brands attempting to give every man the best pouch to support your manhood.  UFM was on a journey to create an underwear that truly offers support for your boys in a soft adjustable pouch, no matter what size.  Since we all have unique sizes, it’s not easy for one brand to satisfy everybody.  So here comes the adjustable pouch to help support any size and the level of desired comfort.

UFM stands for Underwear For Men and there have been a lot of 5 star reviews and a lot of guys love this product.  So why do I need to review this?  It’s been 7 years since UFM has launched and they are on the 5th generation of their underwear.  Also, there is a lot more pouch underwear in the marketplace.

One serious note to add to this review.  Some men do use UFM for medical reasons and they really cannot wear traditional underwear due to swollen testicles and groin injuries.  Can you imagine having swollen testicles and your thighs are rubbing against them – I can feel the pain by just thinking about it.



I ordered two different pairs of UFM underwear and we are reviewing today with the Gen 3 version.  Overall, this pair of boxer briefs don’t look that much different from other boxer briefs like Under Armour with a drawstring.  They come in black, camo, gray, red, and white.  I would say the colors are similar to typical men’s underwear and it will work for most men.  I like this pair of red more than the gray that I also reviewed.  The sharp solid red color brings out the mens underwear and it feels very MMA like.



It is important to note that this pair we are reviewing is the max support version of the Gen 3 model.  There is no compression in these boxer briefs and they are well fitted.  The biggest difference between the regular and the max support is the drawstring.  The drawstring for the regular support reaches deeper into the crotch between the legs  which makes the drawstring less noticeable.  The max support’s drawstring path is more forward and puts some pressure behind the sack giving you more of a lift.  More to come on this.



This pair of underwear is made with 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex.  Overall the construction is well made and the stitches are all flat.  The pouch construction is where we should focus on since the selling point of this brand.  There is a draw string surrounding the pouch to allow you to pull for a smaller pouch and loosen up for a larger pouch.


Our Views:

UFM says that they have modernized mens underwear by offering style, comfort and support.  The support is more than what a pair of jockstraps, tighty whites, boxer briefs and compression shorts can offer.

At first, I do not see much difference between this pair of UFM to other premium underwear when it comes to fabric, weight, and smoothness.  They do use good materials and they do come with an adjustable pouch to allow you to adjust the support levels.  They offer a four-way stretch fabric, which Under Amour also offers.  I don’t know if the target audience is guys who are still wearing tighty whites or other guys who have moved to athletic underwear or other pouch underwear.


This is the first brand where I have seen sizes going up to 5XL and this is not an Asian size where I wear XL and not the normal medium size.  You would notice that the sizes jump 2 inches between sizes, so if you are in between sizes, you could size down for tighter and size up for a looser fit.  However, UFM does suggest you to wear a size up.

Size inches
Small 28-30
Medium 32-34
Large 36-38
Extra Large 40-42
2x Extra Large 44-46
3x Extra Large 48-50
4x Extra Large 52-54
5x Extra Large 56-58


The pouch design is different from other pouch designs and the biggest difference is the drawstring that wraps around the pouch to allow the adjustment to occur.  In this Gen 4/5 regular support pouch, the pouch size has a Medium-Large size volume.  There are some differences in Gen 4/5.  The Gen 5 version’s buttonhole replaces the metal grommet and Gen 5 has a more generous size pouch.  More on the metal grommet later.

Buying this underwear seems to be like buying a car with options.   They have different generations and each generation has different support fits.  So you really have to be careful and make sure you pick the right version before you press that checkout button.


This pair of boxer briefs do come with a fly.  With the drawstring tightened up, you may want to consider using the fly when you need to pee since it is harder to pull down and go over the gate.  The size of the fly is generous and you can easily pull your penis out; however, I would warn you to be careful with the drawstring.  Make sure you have good aim and don’t get the drawstring interfering with your pee stream.  I think this goes for both going over the gate and going through it.  Typically other underwear do not have a drawstring and you only need to worry about the drawstring from your shorts.  The mesh material used in the fly is good, but a bit rough.  I would prefer different mesh designs and material, but it does impact the comfortableness and does not cause any unwanted rubbing.

Drawstring & Metal Grommet
The drawstring is the most important component in this pair of boxer briefs, since you don’t often see them in underwear.  I’m not sure why the drawstring is so thick – it’s as thick as a drawstring from a pair of shorts. I understand why they introduced the button holes instead of the metal grommets in this generation 4 UFM underwear. The metal grommets actually create an imprint of my waist after a day’s wear. Also the drawing cross also creates an imprint. Overtime, the imprint causes itch to the skin and is a bit uncomfortable. The drawstring actually helps support your package, but the inner drawstring doesn’t feel right.

Their 5th generation should solve the metal o ring print problem, but doesn’t solve the drawstring X imprint on my waist.

MAX Support

Since this review is very similar to the regular support review, and I have reused most of the same comments as they are very similar.  The only difference is the drawstring and the support levels.

I can tell you that I do feel the difference between the regular support and this max version.  The lifting of the sack is more when the drawstrings are pulled, but you need to ensure that your sack is fully in the pouch.  If not, you will feel that pinch when your testicles get pressured.

Some may feel that this is too much support especially if you have a large package and you bought the smaller pouch version.  This MAX support version is the original design and they started offering the regular support for those who complained about the over support.

It’s really personal preference and for myself I like the MAX support because it does help lift the sack and provide the necessary support.  Not saying that the regular support doesn’t do the job, but I feel that I had to pull the drawstring more to get the same level of support.  Again, I think it’s designed for our different body proportions and unfortunately there is no guidelines on which one you should buy.  It’s almost like you have to try two different support levels and then buy more later on.  Since it’s underwear you can’t return it and they resell it to others.  I think UFM should offer a special.  If you buy the trial pack and order more later, you get a discount of one pair on your second order.  Something like that so that guys don’t think that they bought something that they don’t like.

Final Views

The legs on these boxers still ride up, but very minimal – a photo is provided on what it looks like.  I think a tighter draw string will cause less ride up in the legs.  When you pull the drawstring up more, you do get the feeling of supporting, but you have to make sure you do not over do it.  The underwear looks like it was crunched up in the pouch area and adjustments are needed to make it look better.  You will notice that the waistline drops lower once you pull the drawstrings tighter.

I did get feedback from one of our readers that he also bought a pair of UFM underwear.  In fact, he was the one who asked if I will be reviewing a pair.  He said on my Facebook post that the pouch is too small for him and not a fan of UFM.

Personally, I am also not a fan of UFM.  It does give you the support you need, but the drawstring is just too complex.  I know that they are continuously improving on the sizes and they do have different pouch sizes and you have to make sure you buy the right one that is for you.  Since I don’t have a large package, the size is not a problem for me.  But the drawstring imprint on my skin, and the extra string when peeing is just annoying.  If you tighten up the drawstring you do have that lift and support feel.  For the folks who use it for medical reasons and the need for a larger waistline, I can see how UFM can help.  Buying UFM underwear with so many generations and so many options like fabric is like buying a car with options – do you want the blind spot monitoring or does it come standard.


Like all other premium underwear, you should wash them in cold water in a gentle cycle with like colors.  If you need to use bleach, use non-chlorine bleach and only use it if needed.  Do not use fabric softener in washing.  They suggest to air dry for longer lifespan or tumble dry on low if you are in a rush.


Generation: 1 (no exterior drawstring-drawstring in inside), 2, 3, 3.1, 4, 5

Colors: Blue, Black, White, Grey, Red, Camo and Turquoise

Style: Briefs, trunks, 6″ and 9″ boxer briefs

Fabric: Polyester-Spandex or Viscose (Bamboo)

Support level: Regular, Max

Style: Work, Everyday, Golf, Medical,

I don’t know you, but with so many options when buying underwear, it feels too hard to just pick a pair and go.  Most men won’t spend all their time understanding the style, support levels.  Just give me the style and color and I’ll buy it.

You can easily buy a pair you don’t like because you didn’t check what the differences are between the generations and their website doesn’t really help you understand what the generations means.  Some even are sold at Gen 4/5, so you don’t know if you bought a Gen 4 or Gen 5 pair.

I went to their website and tried to extract as much on these so you can understand what these options mean:

UFM MAX Support Mens Underwear has a more forward drawstring path resulting in greater scrotal lift. To achieve this lift, you may feel some pressure on the back of the scrotum. Our body proportions are all different and different designs work better for different people.

Gen 1 MAX – No exterior drawstring, the adjustments are made in the interior of the underwear.

Gen 2-3 MAX smaller less stretchy pouch. It also has metal grommets in the waistband for the drawstring.

Gen 3.1 MAX design features a larger pouch, a stretchier pouch and button holes for the drawstring instead of metal grommets.

Gen 4 – REG – introduce bamboo option, briefs and trunk style and a shorter drawstring

Gen 5 REG – Larger pouch volume, button holes instead of metal grommets, increase rise on rear panel.

So reading carefully on their website  Generations 1-3.1 offer MAX Support and Generations 4-5 offer Regular support.

I think you get the point of the confusion of their offerings.  I think they do need to simplify this a bit.  I understand that they are trying to adjust their products based on feedback, and hopefully they are going to reduce the options and keep it simple.



Will I buy again? Not for now – I bought 2 pairs to do this review.  Gen 4 and Gen 3.  I think I have experienced UFM.  If one day I need them for medical purposes, I would consider getting it as they do allow adjustments.




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