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Under Armour is well known for this active wear. Anybody going to training would most likely own something from this brand. Products manufactured by Under Armour include athletic shoes, t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, pants, leggings, shorts and accessories such as bags, gloves, caps and protective gear. I’ve reviewed a bunch of products from Under Armour since I’ve been wearing them a lot to the gym.  How do these Recover Shirts square off in comparison to the shorts?  I have also reviewed the shorts and you should read it too.



These shirts don’t have much style into them. I guess sleepwear is suppose to be more toned down and not shocking to your eyes. They do come in a few colors: white, green, black and gray. There is a small Under Armour logo on the bottom left corner to show, so that you still remember it’s from Under Armour and it has it’s recovery properties. The reglan sleeves are a bit longer and comes down lower which is nice for sleepwear.



These recover shirts are well fitted – I believe Under Armour says they are next to skin without the squeeze. The fabric is stretchy and doesn’t prevent you from any movement, just like their active wear.  Although they say it’s next to skin, they are considered a little loose than fitted, but it does need to be a little looser to be sleepwear.



These recovery shirt are made with 75% Polyester, 19% Modal and 6% Elastane.  You can see that the material is the same as the shorts and contains a mixture of fabric used in shirts and underwear (modal and elastane is commonly used for stretch and breathable underwear).  Overall these shirts are well made like the shorts and I have no complaints.


Our Views:

The pattern inside these shorts returns infrared energy to your body, boosting localized blood flow and upping the amount of oxygen reaching your muscles to restore your muscles faster.  This is one of the selling points of this pair of shorts and the whole Recovery lineup.  I have no real way to prove if these work or not; however, I have been wearing them after a workout and could say that the next day I don’t feel the muscle pain. But then it could mean that I didn’t work hard enough.

Recovery tech?
I am a bit confused with this infrared energy technology because I’m not sure if I should be wearing undershirt under these or should I be not wearing anything, but this shirt.  If this is supposed to return energy to my body, shouldn’t less layers the better? If anybody knows the answer, please send me an email.

I’ve worn these to sleep and they are very comfortable. They didn’t make me feel that it was too hot.  Sounds like they are great; however, the fabric is not as soft as some shirts.

These shirts are not very fashionable, but does the work if it’s just for sleepwear.  The purpose of these shirts are to help you recover faster so that you can keep pounding those muscles the next day.  I am not sure if BCAAs will help more or if these shirts will do the job better.  I do feel that wearing this shirt after doing an intensive core workout with my abs, the next day it does help reduce the muscle pain, but I am not sure if it’s just my mindset or what it is.

These shirts need to be wash without fabric softener, or even softener sheets.  They should just be washed and hang dry.  Like a lot of Under Armour clothing,  fabric softener will breakdown the sweat wicking properties and it will just become a normal pair of shorts.



Will I buy again: Yes.  If they are on sale. They are not cheap at all.

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