Under Armour Qualifier 2-in-1 Shorts $49.99 USD
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Under Armour is a well known brand for training clothing.  This pair of shorts is made to follow your body movements and help optimize performance.  Always well said than done in many cases.  Let’s see how the square off.



These shorts have some nice contrast with the gray shorts and black leggings. I would say that they extremely good looking shorts, but not too bad. The exterior shell easily gets wrinkles and you should be ironing them at all. If they had a little bit more athletic style in the shorts, it would look much better. Although they look plain, they are actually better than SAXX Kinetic 2n1, as the shell does not stick to your body like the ones with SAXX.



The outer shell is a loose fit and the tights underneath just fits well. I don’t consider them as compression shorts, maybe a tad off semi-compression. Guys who have bigger thighs may feel the semi-compression, but for myself, they are just fitted. I do find Under Armour tights are more fitted than semi-compressed on my legs.


Overall construction is well made and nothing is shafting or rubbing against any important parts of your manhood.


Our Views:

They do come with HeatGear compression shorts, but I feel that they are less tight which does help movement, but doesn’t wrap around as SAXX.  It stretches very well and wicks sweat and dries fast which helps remove that stickiness feeling.  Materials are very good and the outer shell does look much better than the SAXX one.  One downside with these shorts is that there is no pouch for your boys like SAXX does.  It’s just flat and squishes the boys into place which at times are not comfortable and needs adjustment because of movement to awkward places.



Will I buy again? Maybe – these shorts do their purpose, but I would like a pouch and a little more semi-compression feel to a pair of 2n1 shorts.

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