Tommy John - Second Skin Hammock Pouch Mid-Length Boxer Brief 6"
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Tommy John is well known for premium underwear. I have personally review a few pairs from this brand. I would say that Tommy John’s underwear is close to the top in price in the premium sector. This pair features an innovative inner pouch designed for extra support and separation to prevent “Bat Wing.” No sticking, no swinging, no chafing. The Hammock Pouch™ uses lightweight Air Mesh fabric for extra breathability and comfort. A lot of brands have followed this pouch design for men’s underwear and you will see everybody is jumping on the band wagon.


From the outside, there is no difference when you compare this pair to the non-hammock version. The only difference is the hammock logo on the waistband and the Hammock Pouch words on the left leg.
Overall, this is the same styling to the Tommy John’s underwear. Typically they offer in darker colors which works for many conservative men. This bright blue version would be considered brighter.


The fit of these boxers are fitted – there is no compression at all. When wearing them it felt like I was wearing nothing. This is great since the best underwear is to have the same feeling of not wearing anything.


These boxers are made with 90% micro modal and 10% spandex. The fabric is also very light similar to the air mesh and breathable.

Our Views:

The pouch area is much smaller than other SAXX underwear. The sides seem a bit smaller and does not prevent my assets to move out of the pouch area. It does create a barrier to separate the legs and the assets. This type of pouch may not work for all men and our builds. The average men will find that their assets will fit into the pouch area, but larger assets may find the hammock pouch may not contain the assets into the pouch area.

I worn these on a hot day and I did feel that my assets were a bit sweaty and hot. I wish they were a bit more mesh or allowing more air flow to keep the sack less sticky. The good thing is the wet micro modal fabric does not give an uncomfortable feeling or any sticky feeling.

Like all horizontal fly, this fly is the same as a previous Tommy John’s underwear. Same comment on the horizontal fly if you have an erection or morning wood, you would expect your penis to stick out of the fly and definitely that was what happened in the morning when I woke up having the head welcoming me in the morning.

The legs did well and only ride up a little, but not enough to make me feel uncomfortable.

Overall, I’m pleased with this pair. I would love the fabric would allow more air similar to the air mesh trunks I’ve previously reviewed. Does this pair feel like a second skin? I think so.


Will I buy another one? Yes.


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Tommy L

It’s interesting that they weren’t a bit more breathable. The fabric looks “airy”. Good access. Thanks for the great review, G.


Thank you again for a very thorough review!
Maybe it’s worth a try for me. I did try the Saxx, but wasn’t completely satisfied.
Miss my Boss Oranges!

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