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Made from non-pilling, 360 stretch pima cotton and spandex fabric, the Cool Cotton collection is designed for maximum breathability, to keep you cool and dry all day long. Our trunk style feature an 4.5″ inseam as well as all the other core features that make Tommy John great. It nestles the boys in luxuriously soft, skin-friendly natural fibers. With support and stretch where you need it, this is the answer for guys who want to indulge themselves every single day. Let’s see how they measure up…



The model we are reviewing are trunks.   The Cool Cotton collection does come in boxers and different lengths.  This part has a 4.5″ inseam which is nice, because other trunks are usually shorter which causes roll up in the legs. The styling of this trunk is nice and it has a waistband that is not too wide, but just enough.  The Tommy John logo shows well in the blue waistband and the otop opening fly (quick draw) is convenient.



The fit is has no compression at all.  They just fit  and because they are trunks they are shorter in the leg area, but I would say that they feel much better than the Calvin Kleins that we recently reviewed.  The length is a bit longer which avoids the roll up and the cotton has some stretch which does prevent wedgies. The jock cup/pouch is great as there is no pressure on your boys and it does create some support for them.



The material is soft and smooth as expected with TJs.  They are well made and the stitching is good.  It does seem that these can last a very long time in many washes without losing shape.  This pair of trunks are well made with premium materials.  There is no mess at all.  The waist band is soft and not too wide.  There is a short stitch in the gusset area which feels better than some other brands where the gusset stitch goes through the whole pouch area.


Our Views:

As you know if you have read many of my reviews, I’m not a big fan of trunks because of the short legging which typically rides up and creates wedges or creates too much fabric in the groin area causing excessive heat.  This pair of TJs are good.  They are not too short nor too long.  The legs don’t ride up and i don’t feel the excessive heat in the groin area.  The jock cup is not mesh at all, so it does not help your boys breath, but I didn’t feel too much sweat through out the day.  The quick draw fly is great with enough fabric to allow the boys to come out naturally and not feel that there is too much fabric – I would question if you will be going over the gate, or through the gate when wearing these trunks.  I am a going over the gate person most of the time, even when there is a fly.  When wearing these, I reminded myself of the fly and went through the gate a few times.  I would say this fly is very natural as you don’t have to dig into the side fly to put your junk out to do business.  One down side like the NU Athletic boxers I reviewed, if you are a guy that often waking up with a morning wood, then it will be sticking out of the fly welcoming you in the morning. 🙂



I think this pair of trunks are good for a relaxing day with some active activities.  These are much better than the Calvin Kleins – I think the material does make a different.   I will definitely purchase more when it’s time for another pair.

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Great and accurate review. I purchased two pairs when Nordstrom’s opened up in Toronto a few years ago. I use them primarily when lounging around the house as I find the fly very easy to use and for the no pressure on the boys that you mentioned. I don’t wear them as sleepers due to the “Morning Wood” issue.

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