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Coming from Tommy John’s site: It’s so light you barely feel you’re wearing anything at all. Ideal for guys that love to go commando, but value their personal hygiene

This is the second pair of Tommy John’s I own and the first pair was the Cool Cotton Trunks and you can read it with this link. I’ve been hearing that Tommy John’s are overrated and not worth the money. So how does this pair square off?



Not sure why Tommy John calls these trunks, but I think they use different terminology for the sizes. I consider these as boxer briefs as the legging is not short enough to be called trunks. Anyways, the main color of these boxer briefs is black and has a 1.75″ printed waistband. Overall, they look a bit boring, but fortunately the waistband adds a nice touch to make it less boring.


The fit of these boxers are fitted – there is no compression at all. When wearing them it felt like I was wearing nothing. This is great since the best underwear is to have the same feeling of not wearing anything. The only difference is when sitting down I did feel the seams of the butt area. More on the butt area in the construction and our views section.


These boxers are made with 77% nylon and 23% spandex. This combination of materials gives the stretch and the lightweight. The material is mesh and the stitching is flat. I did noticed that some of the seams are has additional stitch which cause the stitching to bulge a little bit. The fabric is also very light and breathable and also dries quickly. They did say that these could be hand washed in your hotel sink.


Our Views:

I bought Tommy John’s cool cotton trunks and love them with the quick draw fly, but again the thicker cotton didn’t help my package cool down. So when I saw these air mesh trunks, I really wanted to try them out. So they sold these as futuristic, lightweight mesh stretch fabric which is durable for you to wash in your hotel sink. With that being said, these are designed for traveling. These boxers are mesh throughout and the standard pouch area is dual layered with the quick draw horizontal fly.

The fly is the same as a previous horizontal fly in the cool cotton trunks. As noted previously, the pouch area is dual layered and where the fly opens there are four layers of the mesh fabric. I don’t know why they would have made the top fly area dual layered; they could have just made it single layered so then there would only be three layers in the pouch area instead of four.  Same comment on the horizontal fly if you have an erection or morning wood, you would expect your penis to stick out of the fly and definitely that was what happened in the morning when I woke up having the head welcoming me in the morning.

When I wore these for the first time I had a feeling that they were very light and very breathable. I didn’t notice that I was wearing anything until I sat down – the bum area is also dual layered. I’m not sure why it’s dual layered but I will be more than happy if it was single layered. I’m not sure why there is an extra layer. Is it because men are dirty and they don’t want us to get our pants dirty or they wanted some special support? The pouch area was standard and didn’t have a dedicated pouch separation, but there is fabric to create the contour pouch. Overall, the pouch area is supportive and works well. 

The legs did ride up a little, but not enough to make me feel uncomfortable. Also the lightweight fabric shouldn’t cause any overheat if the legs did right up to the crotch area.

I really enjoyed wearing these boxer briefs and do see how these are much better than the cool cotton version I reviewed before. They do have other collections and I would like to give them a try one day. With that being said, does these $40 USD a pair of boxer briefs worth it? I would say these are a bit more pricey, but sometimes they do go on sale and it’s definitely worth it at a lower price point. I bought these at $23 USD and I feel that they are definitely worth it.





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