Superdry Sport O21 Training Tee
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Superdry men’s Training T-shirt. This short sleeve t-shirt features flatlock seams for your comfort, and is made with fabric designed to help keep you cool and dry, so you can train at your best for longer. Finished with reflective Superdry logos on the chest, sleeve, and back.



This training tee is similar to the other brands like Nike, Under Armour, etc..  I’ve wore these to the gym a few times already and they look do have some unique style to their tees.  There is a reflective logos on the chest, sleeve and back so if you were going to wear them biking on the street, people will be able to see you.  There is a seam stitched starts at the arm to under your arm pit then down to the back and stops there.  A bit odd, but again unique.  The back has the SDO21 logo.



I am a typical Medium size guy in North America.  I wear everyday in medium size.  The only 2 brands I need to wear large is A&F and Superdry.  So if you what your size for A&F, you should wear the same for Superdry.  I can fit in a medium Superdry, but it will feel tight, a large fits much better.  I am wearing a large in this tee.  The large size does feel longer and the width is compression or even compression fit.  You see some extra fabric hanging.



The material is very smooth and shiny. It’s made out of 100% Polyester, but fully messed which helps breath-ability. Stitching is at par and overall the tee is well made.  The material is thicker than Under Armour HeatGear shirts, but similar to Nike training tees.


Our Views:

I wouldn’t say that these tees stand out from its competitors.  They work well as training tees that is meshed, which helps wick away sweat and breath-ability is good.  When comparing the Under Armour HeatGear, I will say UA is better overall.



I bought these during a business trip to London, UK.  You can still buy them online via their online store.  These are not bad tees for everyday use or going to gym.  It works well going out and riding a bike when it’s dark because of the reflective properties of the Superdry logo.

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