Superdry Orange Label Sport Trunks
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Superdry acts like a Japanese company selling clothing with Japanese words, but really headquartered in the UK. It’s a quite interesting brand as it seems to tailor more towards an Asian market.



I would say that the colors of these trunks are very Superdry. The orange and grey comes from their Corporate color palette and it’s quite unique and distinct.



If you own Superdry clothing, you will know that they are on the tighter side and often you need to upsize. I wear North American Medium and typically have to choose Large with Superdry. With their underwear line, I think this follows. The trunks I am reviewing are sized Medium and I do feel them a bit tighter than usually. They still fit well, but if you want a looser fit, upsize may be better.



These are made with 95% cotton and 5% Elastane. Overall these are well made and stitching are flat.


Our Views:

These trunks are coming from a brand that sells clothing for all genders and not specialize in underwear and at least not well known for underwear. For myself, Superdry sizes are typically smaller for me. As I said in the fit section, I typically wear medium in other brands and I typically wear large with this brand. I still went with the medium size and took the risk. That being said, the trunks fit a bit tighter, but not to a point that I didn’t feel uncomfortable. I would highly suggest upsizing if you like looser fit or you are on the edge of the sizes.

These are made with cotton and I would say they are thicker than other fabric like modal. The quality of the fabric is good, but thicker fabric does mean hotter packages.  The pouch area is dual layered which makes the pouch area even thicker.  With that being said, the I have wore thicker cotton underwear before. The seams are stitch flat in the inside and the outside stitches are piped. The piped stitch is done in the package area and on the two sides of the leg. The middle stitch in the middle in the back is flat, so when you sit down, you are not sitting on a piped stitch.

The waistband is very soft and smooth, which does not create discomfort. They have a SuperDry patch that is iron onto the connection of the waistband and a large “M” for medium. This pair is tagless and the information is printed on the left side in the interior of the underwear.

They have also added some contrast stitching like small stitch of a bar on the left lower leg and the By Superdry tag on right back below the waistband.

There is no fly, so going over the gate is needed. Since these are trunks, my biggest concern is the rolling of the legs. The legs do roll up, but does not cause too much discomfort. If the fabric squeezes your sack then you may feel a pinch in the sack – typical problems with trunks.

Final thoughts

Superdry does offer some great color combinations and this 3 pack underwear does show their corporate colors.



Will I buy another one? No.


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