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Directly from the Sheath website: We here at SHEATH Underwear have created our products with the active person in mind. If you are an individual who regularly involves themselves in physical activity, such as mountain climbing, martial arts, sports, running, cycling, yoga, meditation, et cetera, then you need SHEATH in your drawer. Although our apparel boasts innovative comfort and functionality advancements, we pride ourselves on maintaining a traditional sense of style in our designs, making the SHEATH brand easily adoptable for anyone.

The most well-known feature of the Sheath brand seems to be the dual pouch feature with a support pouch for your balls and separate “urination hole” for the penis with a flap of fabric keeping it off the boys.



Sheath offers the dual pouch in briefs, trunks, and boxer briefs. The 2.1 Trunks featured today have a 1.5in inseam and come in black, gray, blue, green, and camo. I ordered the black and gray. The black is your classic all black with the sheath logo on the front center of the black waistband. They gray is identical with no outstanding features. I would say the black and gray appear boring next to the more vibrant blue and green.



These underwear are fitted, but bordering on loose. There is no tightness through the thigh and no constriction in the waistband. After several hours of wear they have become visibly stretched and would ride up. The interior pouch is sized well for most men. I wear a medium almost exclusively, but I’m going to have to try a small to see if the fit is more what I’m used to.



​These are made with 92% modal and 8% elastane. The seams are well made with no obvious faults. The tag and care instructions are printed onto the back so there is no itchy tag to deal with or remove. The material is very light and thin and stretches easily.


Our Views:

My initial though when putting them on was surprise that they didn’t seem earth shattering. Sure it was a little different sensation, but overall they felt less supportive than the contoured pouch underwear I normally wear. Getting everything placed properly in the two pouches was fairly straightforward and was definitely easier if I was a little excited. The fabric flap covering your penis is very thin and showed a lot of detail of my member. It’s not a big deal but not something I would want at the gym. I wore them through the evening and several times noticed the pulling/lifting of the interior pouch on my package but it wasn’t unpleasant.


Awkward moments:
Going to bed and no longer having pants on over them quickly showed me that even a slight erection would direct my penis out of the vertical fly and completely expose him. It wasn’t a huge deal, but occurred again with morning wood. Once flaccid he would reposition in the proper place. Throughout the day I would feel him pop out randomly. Again, this isn’t a major problem, but could be bad if wearing thin pants in a public setting. Even flaccid the vertical fly would sit open enough for a fully exposed side view. I also noticed that no matter how much I shook him off after urinating there was a very prominent and visible wet spot in the fabric after putting him away. The coloring of the gray pair made this even worse than the black.


By the end the first whole day I realized that I had not once had to subtly reposition myself or perform the awkward leg stretch to pull my sack off of my thighs. Everything stayed put with no chafing or discomfort. Several times when bending forward or squatting there was obvious pouch support. At first it felt odd, but then I realized that I wasn’t getting the normal squeeze on my balls from my thighs. Over time I came to be very grateful for that support.

My biggest complaint after a whole day with my new undies is the fabric stretch. For the past several years I’ve been wearing predominantly underwear that is nylon/elastane or similar. The modal feel was fine initially but within hours it felt stretched and loose. I expect that it will recover after a wash, but I’m concerned about how long they will hold up. I reached out to Sheath about the fit and they are sending me replacements a size smaller at no charge. I love the customer support and I’ll have to update once I get the new size in.


Other thoughts:
I’ve seen in some of the other Sheath reviews that the pouch may not have room for a more endowed individual, especially during an erection. I am pretty average flaccid and erect and had no issues. There is easily more than an inch of pouch free for me so someone over 6in flaccid may have to sit at an angle. Unless I was directly paying attention to it, my shaft would pop out of the fly when erect so I never experience restrictions or cramping.

I did put my whole package through the o-ring for several hours on day one. It was not too tight and I could have remained that way other than the fabric would work its way over my bulge, and I would be hanging completely free.

When wearing sweatpants or scrub pants the head of my penis was sometimes clearly outlined. I blame this on the outward lift of the ouch design paired with thin, stretchy fabric. I don’t think it ever drew attention and maybe that’s an effect you’re going for. In general I would prefer a less detailed bulge.

Day 2
I can’t really report any significant differences between days one and two. I’m up and down all day at work, and everything stayed put. The second pair stretched just like the first.

Day 3
My third trip out with these boys was a little different I was working in the yard and getting on and off equipment through the day. I noticed that they felt different, but it wasn’t until I used the restroom that I realized my penis had fallen back through the o-ring and my whole package was in the interior pouch. They were still supportive, but there was some stickiness. It is still early spring and the days are not hot yet. The cold temps may have played a part in shrinkage and not staying put. I would classify myself as an average grower and did not have any problems with this on days 1 and 2. I’m not very sweaty normally and with the cool weather it wasn’t a problem at all. I’m curious to see how they will do in the heat of summer.



Maybe. I have to say that I overall like them and would gladly continue wearing them. At $24 per pair, I would expect them to be nearly perfect in order to justify replacing them. Perhaps a smaller size would continue to fit better. I also want to try a pair with a different fabric to see if it maintains it shape better. I really like the dual pouch design. I’m hopeful that it continues to perform over several washes. I’m also trying out Separatec to compare and will update with my thoughts.


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Thanks for sharing your helpful review! The photos are super helpful too. The dual pouch concept intrigues me but I’m skeptical how well it performs in daily activities. My little buddy flaccid length varies during the day. It can be as small as 2 inches and 4-5 inches. I’m concerned it will not stay in the hole when its on the shorter side of flaccid. Also I still get spontaneous erections even at my age (thank the lord!) I’m a bit concerned my boner will poke out of the fly. Not a good look changing out in the locker room or doctor’s office.

George W

I am in the same boat as you, flaccid a bit shorter, but I will fall out of the pouch at 2 inches. When you are at the doctor’s office.. just tell the doctor it’s normal and your little guy is working properly! 😂


Fantastic 1st review Lawrence, looking forward to reading more reviews from you soon 👍

Tommy L

This helps me understand the O ring better.

George W

I see my style in his reviews. Maybe I can retire. 🙂

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