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We have previously reviewed the original Sheath 4.0 boxer briefs and it’s dual pouch system.  This time Sheath said that they wanted to try something different.  They did make single pouch systems before (Sheath 3.0), which I have not review, but imagine wearing the Sheath 4.0 and not putting your penis through the hole.  Definitely there is going to be some differences because of the amount of material down that area.



They only made one color/pattern of this pair of boxer briefs.  By just looking at the pattern, you will know it’s a pair of single pouch with horizontal fly.   They have their signature red waistband with a unique pattern of yellow, blue and black boxes and lines.  I’m not sure the name of this pattern, but overall it’s quite appealing.  Not all guys like flashy underwear and this may not be for the conservative you.

Although this is a single pouch, you can still see the two points that indent where the Zen pouch is stitched.



They fit snug, but not compressed.  It’s enough to keep everything in place with minimal movement.  They feel similar to other Sheath boxer briefs.  The Zen pouch is sized at four inches deep, five inches wide.  That is quite a big pouch.



The material is a blend of 94% Polyester Fiber and 6% Elastane.  I was concern with the polyester fiber that it will not be as breathable.  I didn’t feel soaked with sweat down there when wearing it for a day.  It has cooled down a bit since it’s autumn where I live, so might need to wait until the summer to see if that is a problem or not.  Will update as weather gets warmer.


Our Views:

Sheath decided to introduce something different.  This pair is a less complex pair of underwear and guys who don’t like to fiddle around with their package might be interested in this pair.  All you need to do is to have your sack sit onto the Zen Pouch.

Some people don’t like Polyester as it’s not as breathable as Modal or Cotton.   It’s important that if you don’t like wearing polyester type of underwear, this won’t work for you.

The same experience occurred when wearing this pair – the Zen pouch felt a bit weird.  It’s the same experience as the original where the Zen Pouch is not contour and is flat.  The lifting of my sack was a bit too much and it was a bit too much causing some discomfort upfront.  After wearing it a little, my sack got used to it and it was fine.

The Zen pouch is very big – I have noted the dimensions above in the fit section. Definitely will fit most men’s sacks – even when you have saggy sacks.  When it gets hot out, there should be enough room to fit and support your sack.  In fact, I noticed that the support of your sack is not the bottom of the pouch but the liner.  Having your sack on the edge of the pouch is the only downfall I can see.

I have noticed that my sack has fallen out of the Zen Pouch and does require a little of fiddling around to put your sack into the pouch.  The horizontal fly does help you adjust, since you just need to dig in through the pouch and lift your sack onto the pouch.  Once put in place everything stays put.


The horizontal fly is very welcoming.  The opening is big enough for my hands to go through to do any adjustments.  I feel that they could reduce the amount of fabric in the fly to reduce the coverage and more breathable.

The problem of horizontal fly is that you have less control under unexpected erections or morning wood situations.  I noticed when I was sleeping that my penis was sticking out of the horizontal fly.

Overall, this fly is easy to use and you may consider using it because it does take a little effort wearing these boxers and you may not want to go over the gate.  I caught myself going over the gate a few times and then had to adjust my mine to use the fly when I can.


The pattern and look of these boxer briefs are great.  From far away, people will see this pair of underwear.  It has all of the properties of Sheath underwear other than the additional pouch in their other collection.  The fly is a great addition and if they use this fly as part of their dual pouch system, it may reduce the possibility of exposing yourself.  In the dual pouch system your penis could be expose because of the side pouch.  Even accidentally exposing yourself in this pair, you most likely exposing it to your eyes and nobody else.   I am glad that Sheath is coming out with new designs and fabric to expand on their underwear collection.

Will I buy again?  Yes – if they have different patterns or colors.




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Great assessment. I own these too and agree with your experience. I wish the pouch was contoured, I think they’d be so much more comfortable. I still wear them occasionally, but know they could be so much better with some slight design modifications.
Additionally, the horizontal fly is one of my favorite new features being added to men’s underwear now. I wish more pairs had them!

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