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(Separatec vs SHEATH)


We have previously reviewed the original Sheath 4.0 boxer briefs and it’s dual pouch system.  This pair it’s the same dual pouch, but in style of briefs.  We didn’t know if we would get the same results, but wanted to try and see what the outcome is.



The style that we picked to review has a very classic look and they offer this classic look in black and white.  We are reviewing the black color pair which has a traditional logo of SHEATH on the left side and a completely black pair of briefs.  They do offer with the designer waistband in red or gold which gives you the modern look.  This pair on the other side is for the classic guys won’t don’t want much color to their underwear.  The waistband is also covered with the fabric that gives you that old underwear styles and not just the elastic waistband.



These fit very well in my body and the fit is snug.  The butt fabric does feel a bit loose on me, but I may have a small butt and do have problems with underwear that is a bit loose on the back.  This pair overall was OK and the fabric stayed put.  The Zen pouch feels a bit smaller than the boxer briefs, but definitely enough for most men.



The material is a blend of 92% Modal and 8% Elastane.   Overall construction is tight and does not have loose threads.  The modal fabric does have a cool feel when it gets wet and is breathable.


Our Views:

I seems like Sheath launched this briefs in late 2017 and it still based on customer feedback.  Men still like to have briefs and this definitely is a good addition to the marketplace where lots of men still enough the cut of the briefs and not boxers/boxer briefs.

The same experience occurred when wearing this pair – the Zen pouch felt a bit weird.  It’s the same experience as the original where the Zen Pouch is not contour and is flat.  The lifting of my sack was a bit too much and it was a bit too much causing some discomfort upfront.  After wearing it a little, my sack got used to it and it was fine.

I did feel a bit of sweat in the sack area when wearing this pair of briefs.  After doing my business, I would adjust it a bit and get a cooling sensation in the sack area.  Because of the smaller form factor of the briefs, it did give me the feeling that the dual pouch system was the center of everything and the lift of the sack felt something is keeping it in place.  The feeling was a bit odd as there was no fabric in the legs area and the only thing to keep the underwear in place was the pouch area.

I found myself that my penis will fall out of the hole and fall back into the pouch area more in this pair of briefs.  I think it’s related to the type of material as it doesn’t seem to be able to keep my penis compressed into the pouch.  It feels looser which causes more movement.  Talking about the fly and exterior pouch, I measured the tunnel and it feels like a 6″ flaccid penis will fit fine, but your penis will wrap down under your sack.  I don’t have that size to say that it will feel right or wrong, but it just feels odd for the shorty me.

I also found myself adjusting the Zen pouch to have my sack sit on top of it more.  There is rubbing on the lower sack area which did cause some discomfort.  I wore the underwear yesterday and writing the review the day after, I still feel some discomfort caused by the rubbing.  However, adjusting the pouch was much easier, because the briefs opening at the groin area and all you need to do was put your fingers through that area and push down and put your sack over it.  Much easier than the boxer briefs where you had to put your hands into the underwear to adjust. 


This is a good pair of briefs if you wanted a dual pouch system.  Unfortunately, it didn’t work as well for me than the boxer briefs that I reviewed before.  I wish that they performed the same because I’ve been sitting down and working from home a lot and don’t move around much and briefs just is a bit better in these situations.   No ride up in the legs and the back fabric doesn’t move around and fill my butt crack.

Will I buy again?  No, I’m still a boxer brief/trunk guy.  Briefs are great for certain situations and there is a lot choice out there.




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