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Click here to read our comparison review between the two dual pouch underwear systems
(Separatec vs SHEATH)


After learning about  Separatec  and it’s dual pouch system, I bought the Sports Performance Boxer Briefs. Did some light research on them and found that the dual pouch system was interesting. Was wondering if I needed the separation of my package.  I’ve been a big fan of pouch underwear and have been trying different models of  BN3TH ,  2UNDR ,  SAXX ,  Hook ,  NU Athletic   brands.
The separation of the package and my thighs was a good idea and the support provided while moving around.  The down side with trying all these different brands is you can only buy one or two every few months and it would take a while to know which one is for you.

I was looking forward to trying the dual pouch system and had some interesting experiences which lead to the creation of this website.  If you are interested in learning my view on the  Separatec  dual pouch system, you can read it here.

After experiencing the Separate system and multiple reads on Facebook, some other folks suggested to try the Sheath 4.0. and here we are… The SHEATH 4.0 boxer brief review.

Some history on Sheath:  During the Iraq war in 2008, Army Sergeant Robert Patton had a vision for a new design of underwear that would eliminate irritation resulting from the sticking of balls and the inner thigh under extreme circumstances. After he had the idea, he made some garments for himself.  After he discharged from the Army in 2013, he worked with a professional tailor from Vietnam and launched a Kickstarter and crowdfunded the SHEATH 2.0.  Over the years, there has been changes to try to continue to improve its design with the same goal in mind.

Sheath also provided a card containing information before you know before wearing the underwear.

  • For some of our clients, comfort is achieved the first time they wear the underwear.  For others, comfort is achieved after several wears.  It can take time to get used to the anatomical separation.
  • Although these underwear are meant to be the perfect partner for our bodies, our bodies can adjust with temperature changes.  If your package falls out of the pouch, simply place your package back in the pouch, or choose not to pouch the package on that day.  The underwear will still be extremely comfortable.
  • If the underwear is too snug or too loose, the size may be wrong.  Just contact them and let us know.  We will fix it.
  • We are confident that you will love this pair of underwear, so we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on the first pair.  If for any reason you are not satisfied, please contact us and we will make it right.

So SHEATH has already provided a disclaimer saying that your package may fall out of the pouch.



The SHEATH 4.0 has 10 different colors/patterns available: Black White, Red White Blue, White, Red White, Gray, Red Black, Green, Purple, Mossy Oak and Colorado.  Other than Mossy Oak and Colorado, the other ones are quite easy to know what they look like.

The Black White color is fully black with a white logo and lines on the waistband.  The Red White Blue is very sharp – the boxers are made with blue fabric and a red waistband and white contrast logo and decor.  White, Red White, Gray, Green, and Purple have similar flavors of solid color and a white/black waistband with the respective color contrast.  The Colorado pattern is really for guys living in the state of Colorado. The pattern uses the Colorado State logo and a blue and white waistband.  As part of this review we will be reviewing the last two colors: Red Black and the Mossy Oak.

The Mossy Oak camo pattern is Americans #1 camo pattern which is  the outdoor industry’s most popular camo pattern – Mossy Oak Break-up Country.  The Red Black seems to be a signature design for sheath – the waistband does have a unique design which differs from the other color/patterns.

Overall the boxer brief design is no different from other brands. The pouch area does have a working fly. One point to note is that there are two points around the middle of the pouch with some indent. Those two points are where the Zen pouch is stitched from the inside.  Not sure if that makes things better or worse.



What makes this SHEATH 4.0 different from most pouch underwear is the dual pouch system. The dual pouch system features a circular-seamed urination hole within their Zen pouch. Like other pouch underwear, the Zen pouch keeps your package away from your inner thighs. The urination hole pouch also keeps the penis and testicles apart.

There are comments online and on the instruction card  saying that it may take a few wears and washes for them to be in perfect condition for your package to feel great. I’m writing this review on the first wear after the first wash. I’ll be updating this review as I continue to wear these for the next few washes and wears.

The Zen pouch is sized at four inches deep, five inches wide.  That is quite a big pouch.



The material is soft with the black red color boxer; however the Mossy Oak pattern boxer is a bit rough. After the first wash, the Mossy Oak felt a bit better, but still rougher than the black red version.  The seams are flat and the stitches are quite typical for pouch underwear. The pouch area has two stitches surrounding the pouch and straight down the middle. There are also two stitches on the side of the legs. The bum area does not have any stitches at all.  There is also another stitch from the inner thigh around the perineal area to the other inner thigh.  Overall the construction is well made. The fabric is made with 92% Modal and 8% Midnight Elastane.  The waistband is soft, but not the softest available.

If you noticed one of the photos with the Mossy Oak Camo, there was some left over stitching in the sack area.  It’s not that it was still attached to the underwear, but some residue material left in the pouch.  That’s just a minor issue, however, I just wanted to make note of this incident.


Our Views:

As noted before, this review will be completed as a minimum of 3 review updates since the recommendation is that it may take a few washes before they feel good.

1st fit: 

At first fit, the Zen pouch felt a bit weird. Remember the review I had with the BN3TH Active Boxer Review that their pouch was lifting my package a bit too much causing discomfort. This Zen pouch is straight and does not have any contour to it. So at first wear, I was able to feel the edge of the pouch lifting my sack. There are times where it feels like I’ve been lightly kicked in the balls.  After wearing it for over 12 hours, I’ve started to feel better and the kick in the balls feeling is gone.

At first when I took them out of the bag, I noticed that they were much bigger in size, and wearing it explains why. These boxers do have stretch, but it seems a tad larger than other brands so they feel fitted. When wearing there is no compression at all. With that being said, even at the length of these boxers, the legs do ride up. Very disappointed. If you have bigger thighs it may be better.

The Zen pouch is very big – I have noted the dimensions above in the fit section. Definitely will fit most men’s sack – even when you have saggy sacks.  When it gets hot out, there should be enough room to fit and support your sack.  In fact, I noticed that the support of your sack is not the bottom of the pouch but the liner.  Having your sack on the edge of the pouch is the only downfall I can see. It could be the reason why it takes a few wears before you are comfortable.  It’s actually getting your sack use to going on the edge of the sack. The hole to the second pouch is good size and hopefully it will fit most penises out there. If you have a very thick flaccid penis then it may not be comfy or you may consider it as a C ring for your penis to enjoy.

Throughout the day wearing this boxer and the temperature conditions,  my penis size changes. At first wearing it, you’ll have to fiddle around your penis to put it through the hole and position your sack into the Zen Pouch.  Depending how sensitive you are, you may get a little aroused as you spend time to get it working. After that it really depends on your activities. Sitting in front of the TV on the couch I’ve noticed that my penis became much shorter to a point where it was hiding inside the sack. So the penis definitely was not hanging through the hole. However, after standing up and doing something else, the penis extended back to a more normal state. Surprisingly, it went back through the hole with no problems.  Also with gravity it help point it back down and not straight forward.

I also did some gardening and did a lot of standing up and kneeling down.  I was wearing loose sweatpants so there wasn’t much support to keep the package in place.  I check once in a while and over the period working outside.  I was quite surprised that it stayed in place for most of the time. At the end my penis did fall back into the Zen pouch.   There were times where I felt rubbing of my glans (head of the penis) around the hole; however, it was not enough to make me feel uncomfortable and not enough to create a boner of any sort.

If you are a shower, the pouch may not be enough for your package to fully extend straight down. As I’m average at flaccid, my penis almost touches the bottom of the pouch. I think anybody over 4 inches at flaccid may need to push the pouch down a bit or have to wrap it a bit. If you are sooo big at flaccid state, you may not enjoy these… Unfortunately, I won’t be able to tell you that. Anybody reading this review and own a pair, let me know if you fall under this category and how it feels. I’ll definitely let other guys know about this condition.


There is a fly and it’s a traditional side fly. The only difference is you don’t need to find your penis when you need to pee. It should already be hanging out there. One disadvantage with this fly is when the fly is a bit open. You may be exposing your penis from the side view.  If you are wearing these by themselves in the change room at the gym, it’s possible that you are exposing yourself especially if you are a shower and you need to wrap fit it into the pouch. Again, anybody reading this and in this situation, let us know if the fly opens up because of a larger package.  Overall, this fly is easy to use and you may consider using it because it does take a little effort wearing these boxers and you may not want to go over the gate.

The fabric does stretch, but there is no compression feeling at all.  I feel that they are a bit larger than other brands. These fit, but definitely i can gain some more fat before i can feel it being just right.

Heat control is good since I didn’t feel my boys complaining that it’s too hot.  The fabric is cool to touch especially after using the fly and putting your penis back in, you’ll feel the cooler pouch.
2nd fit:   

As noted above, a lot of people mentioned that these SHEATH would require up to 3 wears for guys to feel comfortable.  I don’t know the reason behind this, but there could be a few reasons I can think about:

  1. Washing the underwear softens the stitching and fabric so that there is less rubbing on your package
  2. Your brain needs to get use to the different fit, in comparison to regular underwear or even pouch underwear (like SAXX)
  3. Makes you try it on a few more times before complaining that they don’t work for you:)

So as an underwear reviewer, I have worn many brands, many types, and different styles of underwear.  My package has gone through a lot of change from day-to-day changes of underwear and I understand that #2 could be one of the reasons why it takes time to settle into something new.  Think of a pair of new shoes, typically the pair of shoes is at the most comfortable state is just before it starts to breakdown (Maybe over exaggerating the point here).

Anyhow, I purposely waited until the weekend to wear these boxer briefs again, so that I am not just sitting in front of the computer all day and have the chance to move around with different pairs of pants.

So right after my nice hot shower, I wipe everything dry and start wearing the Sheath 4.0 again.  Remembering that it takes a little more effort to wear them properly, I pull the underwear up, put my penis through the hole  and pull up.  Then I put my hand back into the underwear and push the pouch down, so that the pouch will be under my sack.  Immediately, I felt the lift of my sack and you can see the bulge pushes out a little more.  Sounds like I spent a lot of time adjusting and getting things ready, but it was really just a few seconds of effort.

So once all ready, I put on my pair of shorts and continue to finish my business in the bathroom.  Spend a few hours wearing them in shorts, at no time my penis fell out of the hole.  It took 10 to 15 minutes to get use to the lifting, but after that you won’t notice the lift.  Wearing loose shorts with these boxer briefs shows your bulge is no different from wearing sweatpants with regular pouch underwear.  Sitting down on a chair or doing similar movements reminds you that you are wearing the SHEATH.  The pouch line pushes up our sack during this motion – I won’t say that it’s uncomfortable, but because of the lift feeling you won’t forget (it’s possible that because I am reviewing the underwear, I am much more sensitive to the changes of my package in comparison to you wearing them).

Then I decided to go outside and enjoy the weather – I changed into a pair of jeans and started to drive around town.  Throughout the whole time, I didn’t feel anything odd and forgot about the lifting sensation.  Not sure if it’s because the jeans were tighter than the loose shorts I wore at home.  I did go to the washroom a couple of times and went through the gate all the time.  It may be too much information, but it was important to know because each time you go through the gate, you automatically adjust your penis to ensure it stays through the hole.

After going home, I went back into my shorts and spent the evening on the couch watching TV.  Until the time before going to bed, a few more washroom breaks occurred.  Throughout the whole day, my penis stayed through the hole the whole day.  This time around, the SHEATH did much better.

So I woke up in the morning surprised, not because I had morning wood (it’s very normal for men to wake up with an erected penis), but how did my penis erect when it was pointing down through the hole and didn’t know of the erection.  If you see the new uncensored photo of having a boner and that it’s not comfortable having a boner in these SHEATH 4.0.

I have included a photo of the boxer brief after wearing it for a day.  I know some may feel that it’s disgusting, so let me apologize and ask for forgiveness.  You can see over a days’ wear, you can see the sack pouch has curved because of the ~24 hours of wear.
Pouch view of Sheath 4.0 after a day of wearing
3rd fit:  *** NEW ***

As promised I would wear the SHEATH v4.0 for 3 times and here we are – writing this final review.  Again, I purposely waited for the weekend to wear them so that I’m not sitting in front of the computer.

After showering, and wiping down, I pulled the SHEATH up and my package doesn’t fall perfectly into the Zen Pouch and still have to pull my penis into the whole.  This time around, the feeling didn’t change much in comparison to the 2nd fit.  There was still a lift in the sack and you do feel the support.  I wrote a pair of Under Armour the day before which didn’t have the lift feeling, so wearing the SHEATH does get a little to get use to.

The lift feeling went away quickly after doing grooming.  Throughout the day, my penis stayed through the hole and never feel back into the inner pouch.  I know that my penis did shrink to a point that it was very short, but when it went back to the normal flaccid state, it continue to go back into the exterior pouch.  I would say that the design works for me.

It was another day with some activity, but not too heavy.  I did notice a few times where my sack did fall out of the Zen Pouch a few times, which then defeats the pouch if your sack doesn’t sit in the pouch.

I didn’t count how many times I urinated, but I did use the fly all the time because I didn’t want to have to readjust myself if I went over the gate.  I did catch myself readjusting the sack a few times when I put my penis back into the fly.  I also found that the penis hole was large enough for my fingers to go in and help push the Zen Pouch down so that my sack will fit back into the pouch.  This seems to be a better way than doing it from inside the underwear.  If you put your hands inside the underwear, you are pushing the Zen Pouch away from your body and it’s a bit awkward to put your hanging sack into the pouch.  Doing this through the fly, the Zen Pouch stays below your sack which makes it easier to put your sack into the pouch.

The legs still rolled up throughout the day and especially when I sit in the couch and the rubbing my legs on the couch and pushing the legs up.  It did roll up to a point that I thought I was wearing trunks.  You can see the photos below.

Roll up of legging Normal wear - leg Bottom Up view of the rolled legs

Overall, this 3rd wear didn’t feel much different than the 2nd wear. I didn’t take another photo of the Zen Pouch since it looked exactly the same as the 2nd wear.




Q: Have you ever force everything through the penis hole? Like a built in c-ring?

Our Views: I attempt to put my whole package into the hole. The hole is the same size as the Separatec (~6 inch circumference), but I did feel that it was a little easier to fit through the hole.  The hole is definitely large enough for my package to go through and did feel a little better than the Separatec.

Putting the hole package into the hole, it definitely shows the fly exposing you more if you had a bigger penis through the hole.  You can see that in the photo below.  This also shows that my package is not large at all and that I can still fit in the fly pouch. 😂

You can also see that there is still a little room left after the package goes through the hole.  It does feel better than the Separatec and I think I could keep wearing it throughout the day.  It is also supportive, but also noticeable unlike the normal way of wearing them.

In conclusion, you can put an average size package into the hole, but I warn you not to do it. I have posted a few photos for your reference below.

Q: How often does your penis fall out of the hole?

Our Views: As noted, I am just an average size guy at flaccid and there are times where my penis loves to hide into my sack.  I would say that the SHEATH does very well keeping my penis through the hole.  There are times where it does fall out of the hole, but it’s very rare.  Photo 8 (warning – uncensored photo) below shows how my penis hides into the sack, but that only happens when I sit cross legged.  The good news is that when I stand up, it goes back through the hole.  So it still does its’ job – how this is possible?  I think it’s because of the Zen Pouch pushing the sack and keeping the position well and that the hidden penis is still aligned with the hole.



The concept is good, the design is good and the materials are nice.  This pair of boxers are not showy at all and look just like other boxer briefs.  The sewing of the Zen Pouch creates two indents which doesn’t make the pouch look seamless, but I assume it’s just preference. Let me know if you like the two indents below in the comments.Using it as a single pouch system or a dual pouch system, everything stays in place (even when you fall out of the hole). For sure this pair of boxers does need a few wears similar to cars that need a break in period. Definitely come back later to read my 2nd and 3rd wears and see if it is better or not. I tried my best to not compare Separatec to Sheath in this review. I am trying my best to focus just on this pair of Sheath boxers.  I’ll be writing another review to compare the two systems two side by side in the near future – stay tune!


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Click here to read our comparison review between the two dual pouch underwear systems
(Separatec vs SHEATH)



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I live in Southwest Louisiana & work outdoors majority of the time. I use to wear the Sheath 2.1 and Sheath V Dual Pouch boxer briefs early on but they were rolling up my leg too much at work. So I purchased longer Sheath underwear. I currently wear Large Sheath V Men 8” Performance Boxer Briefs for over a year now. These are by far the best underwear I have ever worn.
However the only negative I have is the elastic atop the ball pouch rubs my perineum (area right behind the balls) and back of my ball sack causing the areas to be irritated. I think it is caused by my balls hanging majority of the time plus my constant sweating. I know my balls are always hanging at work because of SWLA weather so I leave my balls out the pouch now & no irritation (My rod stays in the zen area with no issues even with my balls out the pouch & I am grower).
As an experiment, I plan on cutting the elastic strip atop the ball pouch out and seeing how it goes because I really want to purchase more but the irritation is holding me back.
I will give you an update in the next few months of the results.


here is my pouch alter


Hey thanks for the review. I’ve been looking for the perfect underwear lately and was recommended SHEATH. So far I’ve tried BN3TH which I saw raved about online, but which wasn’t as special as I thought it would be – the pouch just doesn’t have enough separation IMO. I’m also ordering the All Citizens Paradise Pouch because I love almost everything about their regular boxer briefs. I like the idea of SHEATH providing complete (even dual) separation, so I’m ordering those as well.

I was wondering if you maintain any top X lists of your favorite underwear, perhaps for the different types? Thanks.


An excellent and thorough review. Thanks for the photos; they really help understand how to properly wear this brand/type of underwear!


I was wondering your schedule for new uploads on underwear. And I would love to see more 18+ photos in the future because those are extremely helpful!


ok I see

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