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(Separatec vs SHEATH)


We have previously reviewed the original Sheath 4.0 boxer briefs and it’s dual pouch system.  Recently Sheath has released an AirFlow version of their well made Sheath 4.0 boxer briefs.  As stated in my previous review, I’ve been a big fan of pouch underwear and have been trying different models of  BN3TH ,  2UNDR ,  SAXX ,  Hook ,  NU Athletic, Joe Boxer  brands.  Pouch underwear has become very common and becoming available in more mainstream brands.  Recently I found out that Tommy John’s have also released a pouch underwear (I’m waiting for it to be available).  The separation of the package and my thighs was a good idea and the support provided while moving around.  The down side with trying all these different brands is you can only buy one or two every few months and it would take a while to know which one is for you.

If you have read our Sheath review, you can skip down to the styling section.  We start with some history of Sheath:  During the Iraq war in 2008, Army Sergeant Robert Patton had a vision for a new design of underwear that would eliminate irritation resulting from the sticking of balls and the inner thigh under extreme circumstances. After he had the idea, he made some garments for himself.  After he discharged from the Army in 2013, he worked with a professional tailor from Vietnam and launched a Kickstarter and crowdfunded the SHEATH 2.0.  Over the years, there has been changes to try to continue to improve its design with the same goal in mind.

Sheath also provided a card containing information before you know before wearing the underwear.

  • For some of our clients, comfort is achieved the first time they wear the underwear.  For others, comfort is achieved after several wears.  It can take time to get used to the anatomical separation.
  • Although these underwear are meant to be the perfect partner for our bodies, our bodies can adjust with temperature changes.  If your package falls out of the pouch, simply place your package back in the pouch, or choose not to pouch the package on that day.  The underwear will still be extremely comfortable.
  • If the underwear is too snug or too loose, the size may be wrong.  Just contact them and let us know.  We will fix it.
  • We are confident that you will love this pair of underwear, so we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on the first pair.  If for any reason you are not satisfied, please contact us and we will make it right.

So SHEATH has already provided a disclaimer saying that your package may fall out of the pouch.



These boxer briefs aren’t that much different in the design when you compare these with the original Sheath 4.0 I had previously reviewed.  At the time of writing they only come in black with the blue pattern similar to the red in the original version.

The biggest difference is the fabric that is used in the boxer briefs.  This airflow version uses a mesh fabric which gives you some difference in styling as the small mesh holes add some different touch to the look.  Overall, I feel the mesh version looks better because the fabric is much shinier and it gives a better look.

The pouch area does have a working fly and it’s the same design as the original version.  There are still two points around the middle of the pouch with some indent. Those two points are where the Zen pouch is stitched from the inside.



What makes this SHEATH 4.0 different from most pouch underwear is the dual pouch system. The dual pouch system features a circular-seamed urination hole within their Zen pouch. Like other pouch underwear, the Zen pouch keeps your package away from your inner thighs. The urination hole pouch also keeps the penis and testicles apart.

The Zen pouch is sized at four inches deep, five inches wide.  That is quite a big pouch.

I have read from other people that they feel that the size is a little smaller than the original version.  I didn’t have the same issue when wearing these.  They just feel right and there is no compression.



The material is smooth and feels different when comparing to the original version.  These are made with 94% Polyamide and 6% Elastane which is a little different when you compare to the original.  The original uses 92% Modal and 8% Elastane.  This mesh version uses less Elastane, but I think the polyamide compensates the difference.


Our Views:

In the original version, I updated the review 3 times and provided my feedback in 3 different wears.  I am not sure if I will be providing additional updates with this version as polyamide most likely won’t change shape after different wears.  However, if there is more feedback, I will definitely update and provide notification via social media.  Make sure you Like us on Facebook or Instagram to get up to date reviews.

First thing I noticed when pulling this out of the packaging was the fabric was much cooler than a lot of underwear.  The polyamide definitely shows the great properties of keeping the touch cool.  However, there are disadvantages of polyamide as it’s not as breathable as cotton or modal.  But this fabric is meshed, it definitely helps keep you cool.

Some people don’t like polyamide as it makes you feel more itchy.  The fabric is not as breathable and you may have different reactions to it.  You will need to make sure you are good with polyamide.

The same experience occurred when wearing this pair – the Zen pouch felt a bit weird.  It’s the same experience as the original where the Zen Pouch is not contour and is flat.  The lifting of my sack was a bit too much and it was a bit too much causing some discomfort upfront.  After wearing it a little, my sack got used to it and it was fine.

The Zen pouch is very big – I have noted the dimensions above in the fit section. Definitely will fit most men’s sacks – even when you have saggy sacks.  When it gets hot out, there should be enough room to fit and support your sack.  In fact, I noticed that the support of your sack is not the bottom of the pouch but the liner.  Having your sack on the edge of the pouch is the only downfall I can see.

As all men know, your flaccid penis size changes throughout the day and depending on temperature or activity it can grow and shorten.  When you put it on, you will have to fiddle around with your penis to put it through the hole and position your sack on the Zen Pouch.   Depending how sensitive you are, you may get a little aroused as you spend time to get it working.  After that it really depends on your activities. Sitting in front of the TV on the couch I’ve noticed that my penis became much shorter to a point where it was hiding inside the sack. So the penis definitely was not hanging through the hole. However, after standing up and doing something else, the penis extended back to a more normal state. Surprisingly, it went back through the hole with no problems.  Also with gravity it helps point it back down and not straight forward.

I found that my penis had always stayed in the 2nd pouch throughout the day.  Even when it retracted back and extended out the pouch system keeps everything in place and there is very little movement to move the penis away from the hole.  There are chances where your glans (head of the penis/mushroom) around the hole; however, it shouldn’t be  enough to make me feel uncomfortable and not enough to create a boner of any sort.

The design is exactly the same as the original version.  So if you are a shower, the pouch may not be enough for your package to fully extend straight down. As I’m average at flaccid, my penis almost touches the bottom of the pouch.


There is a fly and it’s a traditional side fly.  Every layer of the fly is a single layer so there is some transparency if the lines do align together.  One good thing with this fly as I had mentioned in the original review is that you don’t need to put your hand into the fly to find your penis.  It’s just sitting in the outer pouch ready to pee.  It has the same disadvantage with this fly as when the fly is a bit open, you may be exposing your penis from the side view.  If you are wearing these by themselves in the change room at the gym, it’s possible that you are exposing yourself especially if you are a shower and you need to wrap fit it into the pouch.  Again, anybody reading this and in this situation, let us know if the fly opens up because of a larger package.  Overall, this fly is easy to use and you may consider using it because it does take a little effort wearing these boxers and you may not want to go over the gate.  I caught myself going over the gate and when I was done with my business I cursed myself because I have to fiddle a bit to adjust the package back into the dual system.


The concept is good, the design is good and the material is nice.  If I had to compare this with the original version, I prefer this version more.  The touch is much smoother and the feeling is much cooler.  However, if you sweat a bit, this pair does not soak any of your sweat and it only goes through the mesh.  The original modal version would soak more of your sweat and wick away.  I think it all comes to preference and what fits you more.  I am glad that Sheath is coming out with new designs and fabric to expand on their underwear collection.  The polyamide fabric keeps shape much better than the original and hopefully after multiple washes they are the same as new.  This pair may be a little bit more showy than the original since the mesh could show your penis a bit, but people really need to stare at you down there to see the dick print.





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I bought a pair of these and living in a really hot area the fabric is nice and I appreciate that they did not go out of their way to keep the pouch area obscured. I need things to breathe down there! Haha.

As a bigger guy I have to complain about the sizing through. I wear an XL or XXL depending on the brand. I originally ordered an XXL based on their size chart (44″ waist) and they fit very small, I couldn’t get them all the way up. I did contact them and they did send me a 3XL and those fit, but still pretty snug.


I’d say my go to’s are Duluth Trading (size XL), Saxx (size XXL) and Separatec (size XL) mostly right now for the warm weather.

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