10 thoughts on “Separatec Sport Performance VS Sheath 4.0 Dual Pouch Boxer Brief

  1. Enjoy the Separatec primarily for workouts in gym shorts. Rather challenging to access through my fly when using a urinal when worn with pants. One has to dig to get to the end of the sheath to gain access. For me, the penis sheath could be roomier as I am above average in size and find it a little constricting, If offered with a large penis sheath option they would be perfect.

    • Joe, thanks for the feedback. I’m just at average at most and that is why the Sheath is better off for me than the Separatec. I just keep on falling back into the pouch and can’t take advantage of the dual system.

  2. Thanks Patrick for such a nice feedback. David Archer seems to be a brand that are built by other manufacturers. Sheath is also made in China, but the quality is good. Give it a try and let me know which one you like more.

  3. patrick horrocks says:

    Thanks so much for this comparison. I have been wearing Separatec, and David Archer underwear (virtually the same) for over a year now. I like them very much. I agree the the fabric on the penis cover is very thin and doesn’t absorb drips well. My only other issue is that they are somewhat “high waisted”. They seem to fit better and be more comfortable if I fold the waistband over. I have been curious about Sheath. I like the fact that it was developed by a veteran, as I am one as well. I’m curious as to where Sheath is manufactured. The underwear I purchased comes from China which may account for the lower cost. Based on your comparison, I’ve decided to try Sheath. I like the idea that the fly is more user friendly. I have on occasion when wearing jeans with a short rise, had trouble getting “the horse out of the barn”!

  4. Thanks for the update, I really like the fact that you are doing follow ups. There are many times when after a few washes or doing a variety of different activities that I find something I liked out of the package doesn’t hold up for long term use.

  5. Larry Myers says:

    I bought the three pack of briefs from Sepratec. I have never had underwear as comfortable as what these are. I am rather well endowed, and I had been wearing loose boxers for years due to everything being “scrunched” together in regular briefs or tight boxers. I then seen an advertisement for these Sepratec, and thought I’d give them a try. I was pleasantly surprised by the fit. Although the “penis pouch” could stand to be just a touch bigger, things fit very comfortably. I would highly recommend them to all my friends.

  6. Team Wearviews says:

    Tom, thanks for your feedback. If you look at the exterior when wearing the Separatec, you will see that it looks like a pouch for your sack. You are right that it’s an area for your sack to rest, but it does have the contour sack for your sack to fit onto. The hole is for your penis to go through, but the exterior pouch/fly is for your penis to sit onto if you enough length.

  7. I’m guessing that the pouch in the Separatec for your testicles is not a pouch at all, but the normal resting place for my testicles, and that the hole is for my penis to go into. The mention of 2 pouches confused me. They are extremely comfortable. I’m probably going to order more as I only originally ordered the 3 pack.

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