11 thoughts on “Separatec Sport Performance Dual Pouch Boxer Briefs (3.6⭐)

  1. FYI these are so comfortable, but, heads up that it takes a little bit to “retrain” the main vein to lay a little differently. The trouser snake is always trying to slither back to its normal den.

  2. Thanks for the review. I’m on the larger side soft too at 6+ so good to finally see that in a review. I will say the issues mentioned I’ve had as well, but still might give these a try when boxers won’t work due to movement (eg. cardio).

    • Thanks James for the feedback. Unfortunately I don’t have the luxury to have 6+ to give you direct feedback, but from other discussions it is an issue. When you do try them, please give us feedback so that we can add it to the review. If you want to write your own review, I’m happy to help you post and help other guys like you!

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