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I am very pleased to have one of our readers Simon, who has volunteered to provide his views on Separatec Dual Pouch Briefs (click here to read).


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(Separatec vs SHEATH)

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WARNING: If you are not comfortable in seeing male anatomy, do not read questions found in social media section.


Separatec keeps a man’s intimate areas comfortably separated while delivering freedom of movement. Every pair of Separatec features Innovative Dual Pouch Patent Technology for the greatest function which keeps your things stay dry, in place and feel free.

Separatec focuses on the professional, innovative and high-end of underwear for men. Men’s boxer briefs and trunks have been offered a new concept that male anatomy is divided so that each pouch for men’s underwear is designed to provide unique benefits.

Careful construction of the dual pouch underwear keeps your private parts from being suppressed during daily activities. Making every effort to improve our products by doing the best in fabric selecting, designing and manufacturing.

How to Wear Separatec Undergarments?

Use these simple instructions to get a proper fit, and discover true freedom through comfort

Step 1: Insert feet through leg holes and raise the underwear to the hip joint.

Step 2: Examine the Separatec two-pouch system. It is most easily identified by the breathable barrier between the pouches.

Step 3: Guide your scrotum into the lower pouch while directing your junk into the top front pouch through the hole. The breathable barrier should comfortably separate the junk from the scrotum in their natural resting position.

Step 4: It is a new sensation and you may want to shift the undergarment forward or backward to find your personal position for maximum comfort.

Step 5: You will know it is the right spot when you feel as if you are wearing nothing at all.



All of the above comes from Separatec, and I purposely added to this review as it’s quite important to understand how this pair of underwear works. When I saw these underwear on Amazon and read the description, I was thinking this is a very good concept. Having two pouches for your boys, so that they do not stack on each other to reduce friction, heat and sweat. In short, the selling points that you do not have to:

  1. Constantly Adjust the Boys,
  2. Nested in Constraint,
  3. Get Sticky and Itchy.

It should also help with:

  1. Always stay in place,
  2. Independent roomy space,
  3. Stay dry and no rubbing.

Disclaimer: Although I rated these boxers with 3.6 points, these are not bad boxers briefs. If you don’t like the dual pouch, you can still wear them as a pair of single pouch boxers briefs and ignore the dual pouch concept. With this review, I may get a bit more graphical because this is a pair of underwear can cause some uneasy moments. If you do not like reading too graphical details, I would suggest stopping here.🤔😬



These comes in Briefs, Trunks and Boxer Briefs. We are reviewing the boxer briefs – mainly the performance sport model. They have a 6.5 inch inseam which is a little longer, but fits my preference. From the models on their website, the underwear looks nice and where they boys fit, the bulge looks well formed. However, in reality when I wore it, it’s very showy and does not appeal well in any change room. It’s possible that the model is uncircumcised so the mushroom is less visible? I wouldn’t know, but if any folks who have these boxers and are uncircumcised, can leave a message and let others know if it’s less showy. However it being show may give your sweatheart the thought of you being sexy. Maybe this can be consider some erotic underwear? The circular cut could be considered a C-Ring if you have a large girth? Again, this is coming from my point of view – maybe others would disagree.



You can see from the gallery of photos, the fit is great. It’s a semi-compression piece of underwear, without really feeling the compression. I would agree that wearing them feels like you are not wearing anything. However, as a performance sport model, I have concerns when doing active activities.



The fabric is comfortable and tags can be removed like all Under Armour clothing. The material is very thin, but soft and cool. From the green pair, you can see the material can get crumble easily. It’s made with 77% Polyamide and 23% Spandex.


Our Views:

Awkward moments:
The material of the dual pouch needs to be thin – if not, you will feel too much heat building up with your boys because of the extra layer for the second pouch.   Having the boys separated and pointed downwards works; however, because of it hanging through the hole – certain motions will cause friction with the hole and cause the boys to grow up and start pointing outwards. I would say you won’t get a full erection from this, but maybe a semi erection is possible. My penis was in a flaccid state while taking photos for this review. Don’t think the reason why they are showy and pointing out is because I’m having any form of erection. With that being said, it did take many attempts before I could get photos at a flaccid state. The exterior pouch to put your penis in is quite big (for different size) so growing is not a problem, but a bit awkward. If you have big package, it wouldn’t be a problem too – but I may warn you that it may show even more.


Size does matter
The design is made for all sizes of packages which is an issue for smaller packages. I consider myself average in size. Your friend down there sometimes will shrink or extend in size even at flaccid state. When it gets cold outside, your packages will shrink to protect your swimmers and because of this natural thing, you may have a shorter penis. During these situations, (especially growers) your penis will fall out of the hole. You will need to re-adjust and put it back into the hole. So the selling point of constantly adjust the boys doesn’t seem to work. If you are a guy who has a longer flaccid penis, then this may work well for you. Just googling on average size of a flaccid which is about 3.61″ – which I would say may still have problems of it falling off. If you live in hotter weather, it may be fine. The more you live north or south on this planet, you will definitely experience them falling out. I don’t think anybody should be ashamed that your penis falls out – it’s totally normal for your body to protect your swimmers. Folks with longer flaccid penis may not erect as much more than their flaccid length, and if you are the lucky ones who do, congratulations – you have a lot of junk to deal with – make great use of it 😂. Enough of the size matters or not talk. 🤪

6+ inches @ flaccid

I was speaking to an anonymous person on Facebook and he was very open and provided me some details so that I can share with guys who are showers.  He purchased the Bamboo Rayon Boxer Briefs and at flaccid he is a little above 6 inches and only grows a little bit after that when erected.  This profile definitely matches what I was noting earlier about longer flaccid penis and these types may not fall out of the hole.

He noted that the exterior pouch is too small for a 6 inch flaccid penis and that he will not fall out of the hole, but because of the length of his package, the exterior pouch will need to stretch.  In order to make up for space, his penis needs to bend and it just felt easier to wear other boxer briefs.  He gave up after two days in them.

I noted that you can just avoid using the dual pouch and just use it as normal boxer briefs; however, he said that there isn’t enough room for it to lie and it just bends my shaft and it was not comfortable for him wearing them all day long.  I asked what underwear works for him?  He said that he wears Papi Brazilian trunks and he bends it under in them and they are much more comfortable.

I would like to say thank you this anonymous person in providing information to help guys who have larger packages.  I don’t have the size of this package to provide such useful information to other guys.  I hope this information will help guys reading this article fitting into the 6 inch flaccid profile.  I hope this anonymous person becomes one of our readers and can provide additional information to other pieces that I have reviewed.

If other guys who have different profiles, please email me and let me know if they work for you or not.  Currently, I think that flaccid size about 4-5 inches will work, but this is just a guess, since there is fabric left when I wear them and there is space for my package to grow.  I felt the pressure as my penis erect, but because of it being hard, it would definitely feel uncomfortable earlier than guys at flaccid.  Please drop me a line if you have additional information to provide – your identity will remain anonymous guys!


The external pouch is designed for your penis to sit into. It’s also a flap to allow you to open when you go to the washroom, so that you do not have to pull your underwear down and pee. This is a great idea and you don’t want to go over the gate on this pair of boxers. There is a lot of work to pull them down and put everything back in place. The only downside with this flap is that I have to dig in quite low into the zipper to find the flap and flap it up to do your business. Fly openings from the side/top are much better. I purposely posted how to wear the underwear above, because when I first got the underwear, as typical men, we don’t read instructions. I was confused if the exterior pouch should wrap around the whole package or just the penis. Took a bit of reading and googling and found that it should only be the penis. As an avg-small guy, when wearing this pair, I would pull my penis out from the hole to make sure it goes all the way into the hole and into the second pouch. This ensure it stays into the pouch a bit longer. Standing up and sitting down, sometimes causes the penis to fall back into the interior pouch.



The concept is good, but needs a better design. The materials are nice, but because of the thin material, the outcome is very showy and overall does not have a good appeal.  I apologies for the photos above, but the only way to show how bad it shows and not the social media advertisements or on their site.  Not sure if they have padding to remove the glans penis (head) or maybe the models uncircumcised so the extra skin hides some of the glans.

Using it as a single pouch system or a dual pouch system, everything stays in place (even when you fall out of the hole). It feels very natural with no squishing and no pressure on your boys at all.  Points added for a good try.

While trying on a pair and playing around with it – yes I did get a semi-erection and some body fluids did get onto the boxers. After washing it, I still noticed some stain which makes me think that these won’t last long as I can’t stand having stains on my underwear.  I will wash them again to make sure they are gone. UPDATE: After another wash and purposely rubbing the area with water, the stain is gone.

I may consider buying the cotton boxer version to see if it is better. It’s possible that the cotton version is less showy and better overall. I have also ordered Sheath 4.0 which has a similar concept and also order a cheap pair of underwear from China which alters this design a bit (penis pointing up).  I will post my review on these when I get them. Please like my Facebook page or come back and read my other reviews.  UPDATE: I have received the Sheath 4.0 and have wore it once – you can read the review here.


Additional views after original post:

I have been wearing these a few more times and today I think I found out now to make them look a bit better.  I have added photos to the review (the light blue pair).  You will notice that the sides of the gusset area are less wrinkle and that they do look much better.  However, they are still very showy and my  glans (penis head/mushroom) is still showing.  So what did I do?  I pulled the exterior pouch out and tuck it into the pouch area.  Maybe I do have a shorter flaccid penis causing the extra fabric just hanging there.  The extra fabric being tucked in may even make it look bigger and maybe that is what the models do in the Separatec advertisements.  It’s also possible that they have a larger flaccid penis which then does make it look much better.  You can also see the two pouches from the bottom once i have tuck it all in.


Feedback from others:

I’m adding this section to my review to provide feedback from other guys that I’ve spoke with via social media, DM, or email.  I will keep their information anonymous and will just provide their feedback for you to review.

Person 1:

I have other pairs that are similar and work fine. I believe the problem is that the material is too tight around the ball sack and our balls are not meant to be compressed all day, kinda why they hang right?  So they’ll squeeze themselves through that hole. The pouch is great but they’re not sturdy for all day activities. Lounging around, sure.  The ball sack area needs a little more wiggle room and while the pouch is great for the cock too, the material needs more give for erections.

Person 2:

So, soft I am at a little above 6 inches… I grow a little bit from there but not much… I definitely will not fall out of the hole, but the exterior pouch will stretch and it makes things uncomfortable. In order to make up for space, things need to bend and it was just easier wearing boxer briefs how I did before so, I gave up after two days on these guys… I’m sure they’re great for some people! The fabric was nice. There just isn’t enough room for it to lie and there… it just bends my shaft and just wasn’t comfortable for me wearing them all day long.

Person 3:

Mixed experience here. If I’m standing most of the time, they’re very good, very comfortable. However, any lying down, lounging, or extended sitting and hy junk all ends up congregating together again in the same space, sort of defeating the purpose. These are maybe better for the better endowed or the “showers” rather than the “growers.”

Person 4:

The trunks might as well be briefs, cause they’re so short and the legs ride up onto the crotch crevices on the sides of your sack…other than that though, these are very comfortable and you will definitely notice the difference


Questions found on social media:

Q: Is hole for the front or back?
Our Views: Of course it’s for the front. It’s for your penis to go through and not your 💩.

Q: Are these for growers or showers?

Our Views: I would say that it’s more for showers – if you penis at flaccid point has a certain length, then it would be much harder to fall out of the hole.  If your penis doesn’t shorten too much then it would be fine.  As an average male length at flaccid, my penis still shrinks further and fall out of the hole.  At that point I don’t think you need the 2nd pouch.

Q: The hole seems to be big enough for the whole package to go through?
Our Views: I made an attempt to put my whole package into the hole. I consider myself an average size guy (you can see below), so folks with larger packages will definitely NOT work. Even with an average size package, it was a little hard to put it through – you have to put the penis through first, then each testicle. You cannot put it through all together. The hole is definitely large enough for my package to go through; however, there is a lot of rubbing around the based of the sack – it could also be the pulling of public hair.
It’s totally uncomfortable walking around and/or doing anything with it that way. However, it’s does feel very sturdy and in place. Just having it on for a few photos to post here, I can still feel the aftermath of the rubbing for at least 20 minutes.
The package also sticks out even more – could say it automatically becomes a c-ring – it lifts your package up and makes it look like you have a semi-erection. There is enough fabric to cover the package, but you can just cover your penis and leave your sack hanging with no coverage. In Photo #4, you can see there is extra fabric because I didn’t use the sack pouch. I have also included photos from inside the boxer briefs in the normal and full package through hole. You will notice that when putting through the full package, there is no room left and that is where the rubbing occurs.

In conclusion, you can put an average size package into the hole, but I warn you not to do it. I have posted a few photos for your reference below.

Q: If you have a big dick or pop an unexpected boner like we all do from time to time, aren’t you just gonna pop out of the pouch that just folds over the front?

Our Views: I don’t have a big dick — I’ll consider myself average, but I still can create a boner to see how it feels.  I would say you will not pop out of the pouch, but as you erect, the fabric stretches and you will feel that there is pressure to push back your boner.  It will end up feeling a bit uncomfortable.  However, you won’t just be wearing these by itself, so your jeans/shorts/etc.. will also help limit how far it can erect forward.  If you are a grower or larger than average, it may feel more uncomfortable earlier as you erect.  I had to push my boner up to get to the final state of the erection.  Even during the erection, the 2 pouch still covers your package quite well.  You can see a photo below on the process.  Please don’t say that I have a short boner or comment on my boner!  I am showing this to you just so that you can understand the situation.  There is no exposure of my package and there is no need to censor the photo.


Dual Pouch System Overview:


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