Separatec Quickdry Boxer Briefs/MaxFresh 8 Inch $38 USD for 2 pack
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From the Separatec website:
‘We are a young company which has been specializing in men’s underwear since 2010… The support pouch can provide independent lift for a man’s scrotum, and the front pouch can give enough space for a man’s penis.’



This two-pack of boxer briefs comes as a Navy/Orange (pictured), Black/Maroon, or Emerald/Blue all with an 8″ inseam. The colors are muted but still bright and fun. They feature the Separatec dual pouch and a wide waistband. The waistband is ribbed with a prominent seam in the back and has “Separatec” in large letters all the way around. Off color stitching highlights the pouch. There is a band of breathable mesh starting at the sides of the thighs and extending to just below the waistband all across the back.



The initial fit felt barely fitted. The stretch these offer is amazing and they bounce back to their original shape. The combination of materials allows them to move with my body and not ride up. You can see in the pictures that the leg openings hang loose fresh out of the box. I prefer a snug leg fit, and these did not feel loose, despite the appearance. There is a slight downward pull at the waistband in the back, but not bad. The o-ring is positioned higher than in other pairs which has my penis pulling the front down from where it should sit at my hips. It was not at all uncomfortable, but was noticeable as the wearer. There is excess fabric to the outer pouch which would allow a larger than average penis to fit comfortably. I was able to position the flap around the head of my penis to look more fitted and eliminate the saggy fabric.



These are part of the Quickdry line and are 52% polyester, 35% polyamide, and 13% spandex. The combination creates a lightweight, breathable fabric that has tremendous stretch and dries quickly. According to the website they are 40% lighter than cotton and dry 2-3 times faster which should help keep me cool during the heat of the summer.


Our Views:

I was really looking forward to trying this pair of underwear. My other experience with Separatec was disappointing mainly because of the fabric. This blend of materials is more in line with what I’m used to and did not disappoint. Putting them on was straightforward. There were no issues guiding my penis into the outer pouch. Everything fell into place and stayed put nicely. Throughout the day I could feel myself pull back inside occasionally, particularly when squatting and bending simultaneously. I had this problem with other pairs, and overall, I think these performed better. I did not have an issue of falling off the ball ‘shelf’ in these. Even in a deep squat my scrotum stayed supported.
Some Separatec underwear have a functional fly that allows exit from the pouch flap underneath, to the left, and to the right. These only have the opening underneath which makes urinating without going over the gate a little challenging. Getting everything out isn’t a big deal, but putting it away again proved difficult without undoing my jeans. Additionally, since starting to wear dual pouch underwear I’ve made a bigger deal about shaking off the last drop after peeing. No matter how much effort I apply there is a very clear wet spot when I put my man away. It also transferred to my khakis as a visible wet spot.
I’ve mentioned in other reviews, and would repeat here, that the ‘pouch’ for my balls is not really a pouch and does not keep them off my legs like the pouch in the Sheath brand. I would love to see additional design elements with more of a true pouch.
My entire package is able to fit through the o-ring comfortably. The fabric of the outer pouch is not able to extend around my balls though so they were hanging free with this positioning. When my man starts growing there is a lot of room because of the stretch of the fabric. If I intentionally positioned facing up, he became trapped by the pouch seams. Apart from that there was ample room to grow and move. I think the vast majority of men would be able to wear them comfortably without feeling restricted. One downside of the stretch, though, is it doesn’t hide anything in the moment.



Will I buy another one? Yes. I am very happy with this underwear and would gladly buy more. There are a couple others I still want to try before I make my final decision. I would prefer a functional fly and a shorter leg, but overall, these are great.



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Thanks for this review this is really helpful. The fabric blend of this one sounds better than the Separatec boxer briefs I have, I’ll have to try these out!

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