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Separatec’s mission is to “ensure men’s health and well-being with their patented technology and innovative designs”. They’ve been producing underwear for the past decade and strive to provide a comfortable fit at an affordable price. They offer boxer briefs, trunks, and briefs with a variety of styles, colors, and fabric combinations.



The Quick Dry Boxer Brief with functional fly comes in a three pack with a variety of colors. I chose the navy/olive/maroon pack which are all vibrant and fun. They feature the patented dual pouch. Each pair has a front pouch flap with a fly on both sides for easy access. The flap can also be lifted from below to allow access or more room. The waistband color matches the rest of each pair and displays “Separatec” all the way around.



I fall between sized and decided to size down in these. As a result they are fitted and border on compression. They are tight in the leg, through the waist band, and across the butt. The seams around the pouch ride up into my groin. The waistband has a double layer seam in the back that applies pressure and became a little uncomfortable over time.



​The Quickdry fabric is composed of 77% polyamide and 23% spandex. Taking them out of the box they are very smooth and cool to the touch. The fabric feels very thin and light weight. The construction is solid with neat seams. No stitching was out of place. There is no itchy tag as the information is printed on the inside of the butt. The overall feel is very similar to Under Armour compression shorts I’ve worn in the past. There is very little friction with the fabric to the point that my pants kept trying to slide off when walking.


Our Views:

After recently trying out Sheath dual pouch underwear, I was excited to get the Separatec to compare. I love the dual pouch idea and want to find the perfect pair for everyday wear. I chose the polyamide/spandex fabric hoping it would be more supportive and retain its shape through wear. I perhaps bit off more than I can chew as they feel like athletic compression shorts rather than comfortable underwear. They do move wonderfully. Even though I sized down from what I might otherwise wear they stretched well and did not seem to restrict my movements.

I am very impressed with how well the fabric breathes. Any exposure to the air and it feels like an arctic blast. It’s not summer yet so I don’t know how they will do in the high temps, but I imagine they would stay very cool. I don’t sweat a lot and the fabric stayed dry. For those of you prone to getting swampy, the website claims they dry 4-5x faster than cotton. If that’s true they might be a great option.

They did not ride up through the day, a feat made all the more impressive by their too small size. Several times I felt my penis tuck back inside the interior pouch and I’d have to reach in to put it back. I’m not sure if that would be better or worse in a larger pair. I’ve read elsewhere that a larger flaccid size makes that less likely, but it’s probably very individual.

The Pouch:
I don’t know that I would call these a true ‘dual pouch’ as the ball pouch is more of a shelf designed to lift them rather than separate them from the thighs and penis. I could feel the shelf supporting me as I stood and walked, but if I bent over or squatted down I immediately fell off and had no support. I am also disappointed that these do not keep my balls from sticking to my thighs. Sure, it is better than a normal pair of underwear, but there is still a lot of thigh contact that required adjustment throughout the day.

The o-ring was more than adequate for my average member. There was sufficient room to put my whole package through the ring, though it did rub un the underside and would have been uncomfortable to leave it that way. The flap that wraps around the head of my penis was a little confusing at first. When I entered the outer pouch everything was placed properly. Trying to find the edge of the fabric to pull it up and over was not so easy. There is a tight fold designed to keep it wrapped around the tip of my penis and the spandex fabric had no edge that I could feel. I had to keep pulling until it eventually came up.

I saw another Separatec review critical of the excess fabric in the pouch. Perhaps a larger-than-average guy wouldn’t have a problem, but I found it unappealing and would have liked it to be smaller. That being said, I did not feel at all constricted with an erection. Everything stayed in the proper pouch, though it did have ample freedom to stick out straight ahead. Sweatpants or slacks would not hide a boner so watch out. The fabric is very thin and the stretch allowed it to highlight my penis, particularly the mushroom head. Personally, I like the detail, but if my daily life had me changing in public I would not want it so defined.

Lastly, the functional fly. The outer pouch featured an open vertical fly on both sides allowing easy access when at the urinal. The tightness of the fabric stretch made it awkward to actually use it. It felt like my shaft was being kinked in order to make the bend. I did find it easier than using the regular opening at the bottom of the pouch. Getting my dick out was easy enough, but finding the fabric edge to cover up again and put it away was nearly impossible without fully opening my jeans.


Will I buy another one? No. While I definitely want to try a different style of Separatec undies, this line will not be it. The fabric would be great for sports or activities with lots of running or bouncing. I don’t feel they are a great choice for daily wear.



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Mike L

Great review Lawrence. Thanks for going to lengths explaining how the pouch works (or doesn’t work for you). You show the unappealing fold and then some extra fabric in your first two photos, but you seem to fill the pouch pretty well in the other ones. Did you point it up in the second pic?

George W



Thanks for posting this review, Lawrence. I want to try some Separatec trunks (without the vertical fly) but am unsure about whether they are low rise, mid rise, etc. I prefer a mid rise as I currently wear SAXX Vibe trunks. With Separatec, I am uncertain about the position of the hole and how I will fit through if the rise is too low or even too high. Have you tried any of their trunks and can you offer an opinion? Thanks

George W

I have a pair of trunks from Separatec, the legs ride up and they feel a bit short. These are the bamboo rayon trunks. I will be reviewing them, but still a lot to review. Maybe this could be my next review. This one is downsized to small since I fall out of the hole often with the medium Separatec I’ve reviewed before. I still fall out of these, but they are a bit better as they hole is closer to the body and when I sit down it doesn’t retract back into the sack area. But when it is cold and my guy is shy it hides back into the pouch and they don’t stay. This is my summary for this review, but will expand when it gets released.


Just to add another perspective, I got the Ultralight trunks and I like them they’re now my favorite pouch underwear because they’re so comfortable and they don’t get stretched out throughout the day and they’re more of a mid rise height which I prefer. I would definitely recommend them. They’re 92% Viscose and 8% Elastane.


Hey Cam, these look great! I was considering ordering the three pack with this as one of the colors. How does the fly on these work? You should do a full review!


Maybe I will do a full review of these trunks, I haven’t yet as they are similar to the other separatec underwear already reviewed. I posted some quick pics in the 18+ section to display how the fly works, same vertical fly that most separatec have I think!


Thanks George…looking forward to your review of Separatec trunks. I have looked at the trunk options on their website but it is hard to tell which are mid rise. Like you I want to make sure my guy stays in the hole. I wear a small SAXX Vibe trunk and you can get an idea of my “build” on the 18+ photos I posted today. Think he will behave himself most of the time!!
The material on the ones you have on looks a bit thin.

George W

Yes, it’s very hard to determine if they are mid/low/high rise styles. This pair is more mid rise as it’s not too high on the waist and definitely not low. I have seen the photo you posted on the 18+ and I think we are similar in size, if you look at my profile you will be able to see my length at flaccid and you can compare. I would say all Separatec underwear I’ve tried are thin; but that is good to keep you cooler. I hate thick underwear as my buddy down there sweats a lot. If you guy will shrink or even hide inside your sack, then you will definitely fall out. My guy at flaccid can hang lower than my sack but also can hide inside my sack when it’s too shy. That is why Separatec doesn’t work well for me and the review of the above photo is my last attempt on this type of dual pouch.


Thanks Lawrence….did you see the Separatec Starlight Bamboo/Rayon model on their website? Just wondered what you thought of that material?

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