Separatec SuperSoft OsmoHive™ Boxer Briefs 35 USD for 2
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This is not the first pair of Separatec that I’ve personally reviewed. Earlier this year, I have reviewed the dual pouch Sports Performance Boxer Briefs and I would be doing some comparison with that review in this. You can read the review by following this link [  Separatec Sports Performance Dual Pouch Review  ].

Let’s start off on why am I reviewing another pair of Separatec? Is there something special that we had to get our hands on another pair? The original pair was decent, but my assets were not long enough to keep them into the pouch and the dual pouch didn’t work for me. I have read that many guys have the same problem with keeping their penis into the the pouch. I have seen comments from others to downsize one size and that would help keep it in place. I have no personally tried that since we are also reviewing another pair of medium boxer briefs in this review. If this Covid lockdown continues, I may need to upsize as I am just being a lazy butt everyday and my waistline keeps on growing. Anyways, get back to the point – I am reviewing this because I saw the OsmoHive™ technology that is added to the fabric.

The OsmoHive™ technology has a few interesting properties:

  1. Fast Dry
  2. Moisture Wicking
  3. Single-way transport

We will talk more about these properties/features in the our views section.


These come in a pack of 2 and you don’t get to choose the red and black, but really 3 options. The Black/Gray, Navy/Wine(red), Blue/Green. These are aligned with most of their colors in other collections.

When comparing the Sports Performance and this SuperSoft OsmoHive collection, you can see the style language has changed a little.  The waistband looks much better than the Sports Performance version and the overall pouch design doesn’t change much.  It does look much better in the gray as it doesn’t emphasis your assets as much as the blue Sports version.


Both have 6.5 inch inseam which is a little longer than normal boxer briefs, but still works.

As mentioned in previous reviews, the Separatec website shows off the dual pouch with a well formed pouch and your penis is less visible.  In reality, it’s very showy and does not hide your assets as much as I would like it to be. If you are uncircumcised, it may look better because the “mushroom” will be less visible.



The fit of these are good, and maybe downsizing for me would work.  When I put these on, my package slips through the hole and my sack sits on the pouch.  All is good and it does give you the feeling that you aren’t wearing anything.  The two pouch let your package sit nicely and have the separation it need to keep cool.  There are times when you bend down, you can feel the pouch system pulling onto your package because of the hole.  The pouch is much better than the AO Element Elephant Nose Trunks as that pouch does not limit how far it can go, whereas in this pair the outer pouch is limited to a 90 degree opening.



These are made with 45% Cotton + 45% modal +10% Spandex. Overall well made and don’t see any loose threads.  The fabric is not as thin as the Sports Performance and because of the cotton it feels more natural.


Our Views:

The Separatec Sports Performance review is actually the most read review on Wearviews.  I am happy that lots of guys have read my review to decide to buy it and try it, or just pass.  Let me know if you were one of those who bought it after reading my original review.

I’m going to follow the same flow as the other Separatec review so that there is some level of comparison.

Can cause awkward moments:
The dual pouch system does create additional fabric when you compare it to tradition pouchless underwear or even pouch underwear like SAXX, BN3TH, 2UNDR, etc…   Standard underwear will have 2 layers of fabric in the pouch area so that any liquid residue coming from your guy will be absorbed onto the underwear.  The separation of the penis and sack creates two layers of fabric for the penis and another layer for the sack.  When you stack them together, the sack gets two layers and the penis gets one layer on top of side.  Not sure if this is better to keep you cool or it may create additional fabric that can crunch your balls when you are moving a lot.

This type of underwear is designed for guys to wear pointing down and cannot be worn pointing up.  Pointing up will only occur when you have an erection.  Fiddling around and putting your penis through the hole and adjusting the pouch can cause semi erections if you are very sensitive – especially for the younger readers.

I was also wondering if it made sense to reach a mesh for the sack pouch similar to the AO Element underwear I review before.  Giving your sack a little more breathing room.  Separatec, give it some thought and see if you can make it happen.

The exterior pouch to put your penis in is quite big (for different size) so growing is not a problem, but a bit awkward. If you have big package, it wouldn’t be a problem too – but I may warn you that it may show even more.

Size does matter:
Guys behind their minds always think that size matters and many would say that size doesn’t matter – as long as you use it wisely any size will work.  For this pair of underwear, I do think that size matters.  If you are a well endowed men or you are a shower, this dual pouch system is great for you.  You will not have the problems of falling outside of the pouch and connecting back with your sack.  I guess my guy misses my sack too much a likes to play hide and seek with my sack.

I also found that guys who are too large, may have issues with this dual pouch system too.  If you are too long and can’t fit totally into the exterior pouch, it may cause discomfort.  Again, I’m too small to comment and can’t fact check myself, but that’s the feedback I’ve heard from some folks.

The pouch serves as a pouch for your penis to slip into and also a fly when you need to do urinate.  I know a lot of guys like to go over the gate, but I do highly suggest using the fly – especially when you are in public washrooms.  If not, you will have to fiddle around after doing your business to put your penis back into the hole and into the pouch.  It’s not an easy task to do when you are at the urinal.  Do keep that in mind.

I found the same problem with this pair of boxer briefs is when I stand up and sitting down, there are times where I can feel my penis falling back into the interior pouch.

OsmoHive™ technology

You can see more in the video review on how the OsmoHive™ technology works.  We have conducted a test by adding water to the interior and see how it will soak up the water.  We also did the same test by adding water onto the exterior side and see if the water would go through the fabric.

Based on the test, it does show that the OsmoHive™ technology does work well.  Water soaking through is very minimal and the fabric dries up a bit faster.  We haven’t timed how long it will dry up in comparison to the other collections.

When pouring water onto the boxer briefs, the water didn’t soak into the briefs immediately and slide off the fabric.  When you pat it down, then the water absorbs onto the fabric.

Water poured on interior fabric – Interior Fabric View
OsmoHive Fabric Wet
Water poured on interior fabric – Exterior Fabric View
Osmo Hive - Exterior Fabric
Water poured on exterior fabric – Exterior Fabric View
Water poured on exterior fabric – Interior Fabric View

You can see from above the interior fabric shows a honeycomb pattern when wet and you can see it’s not as wet as the exterior of the fabric.  It didn’t matter which side the water was poured on, the interior side is less wet in comparison to the exterior side.  Seems like the technology is capable of doing a single-way transport of water.



Will I buy another one? No, not this collection.  The OsmoHive™ technology is cool and I think it will work.  Unfortunately, my short length doesn’t work well with the dual pouch system.  When I get a good deal, I will do my last attempt to downsize to the small size and see if that will help with falling out of the pouch.



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