Separatec Men's Underwear Stylish Striped Pattern Classic Fit Cotton Briefs $36.99 USD for 3
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I am very pleased to have one of our readers, Simon has volunteered to provide his views on this pair of Separatec Dual Pouch Briefs.  If you want to learn how to wear Separatec dual pouch underwear, you can find the information in the review of Performance Boxer Briefs. If you are interested in writing a review for us, please send us an email!


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(Separatec vs SHEATH)



These came in a pack of 3 briefs, all pinstripe patterned in 3 different colours (blue, black and grey) with a wide waist band which looks quite smart. I did find the waist a bit high on these so may have to see if this is a problem as I wear them under different trousers or shots. I tend to wear a more of a low cut brief but this is not a showstopper for me. Overall these look smart on but I would say probably are styled more for the older generations than people who are 30 or under due to the colours and patterns used.



The selling point on these is the 2 separate pouches that hold your balls and penis apart whilst also keeping things in place. You put them on like normal briefs but there is a hole at the front where you put your penis through to hold it in place without it touching your balls. This was a bit strange for me at first as I am used to briefs cupping my penis and balls in a more frontal position but these hold your penis down kind of between your legs. Not a problem but if you like having a pronounced bulge these may not be for you. It is warm here at the moment and I did not have any issues with falling out of the pouch but this may change over the winter. I am just above average down there so I am hoping this will not be an issue. The first time I put them on though it did take some fiddling to get everything into the right place. I am uncircumcised so when I put my penis into its pouch my foreskin did ride back a bit. Not an issue at all but us uncut chaps may have to do a tad more re arranging than others might. Once in though everything was fine.



These are well put together but I would expect that due to the premium price tag associated with these. They are well made and should last a while but the material is a bit on the thin side, I expect this is due to the cooling nature of the briefs. Once I put them on I found that material was super comfy and the cut around the legs and the bum did make it feel like I was wearing nothing. They are tight on the bum but in a good way, no chance of these riding up through the day.


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Overall I was very impressed with these briefs, I only wore them for an hour (due to lockdown) under some tightish jeans but they were super comfy and did genuinely feel like I had nothing on.  They look really smart on and it is a new but nice feeling having your penis and balls kept separate. They feel like they are not there when you put them on which is fantastic. I fancied a change from the normal briefs and these did not disappoint.



Overall would highly recommend these, if you like going commando but still want everything to stay in place with no sticking then these are worth a try.



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Click here to read our comparison review between the two dual pouch underwear systems
(Separatec vs SHEATH)


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Thanks for the great review! I’ve purchased the cotton trunks and the bamboo trunks. I bought the bamboo in L based on their sizing charge and they’re too big so I bought the cotton set in M and it fits perfectly. Love the feel of both but lean towards the cotton. I’ll have to try the bamboo in M to see if I like the fit better.


I really enjoy reading this review. The photos are helpful to understand how this works. Both Separatec reviews are excellent. Looking forward to see more from you!

George W

Thanks Raid! I’m glad you have enjoyed both reviews.

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