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We have reviewed a lot of SAXX Underwear and they keep on adding collections to their brand.  Today we are reviewing the SAXX Volt Collection which has a gingerbread pattern – just in time for the season.   At the time of writing this review, they offer 10 different collections.  The Volt collection is part of the SPORTs line and this pair is very similar to the Sports Mesh that I previously reviewed.  The only difference is that this does not include a fly and that the fabric is more durable than the Sports Mesh fabric.



The Volt collection does not offer solid colors, but more with patterns.  At the point of writing this boxer briefs, they offer 9 different patterns and they call this collection the Gingerbread Bros.  A bunch of gingerbread cookies wearing SAXX underwear.  Overall, they look appealing and gives me the festive feeling when wearing them.



They call these slim fit, but I didn’t find them as slim as the Sports mesh.  Saying that they are not as slim, but they are well fitted.   You can see there is more room around the boys.



The material is a blend of  88% Polyester and 12% Elastane.   Overall construction is tight and does not have loose threads.   The polyester fabric has a cool and smooth feeling; however, some guys are sensitive to polyester as their skin does not breath well with polyester (even with the mesh holes) or it may feel itchy with the fabric.


Our Views:

SAXX has been one of my favorite brands and my first pair of pouch underwear.  I typically don’t choose printed underwear, but usually solids or some pattern.  Since it’s the festive time when writing this review, I decided to buy a pair with Gingerbread print.  Talking about the print, there is a bunch of gingerbread cookies around with a few with legs broken off.  On top of the Gingerbread cookies, the base has red strips.

I compare the Sports Mesh boxer briefs with this pair.  Since both were considered slim fit, this pair is about 1 cm larger in the waistband and leg opening.  The pouch area is also smaller in the Sports Mesh by less than 1 cm.

The white layered inside is appreciated as it helps me know it’s time for the underwear to replaced.  The pouch area is dual layered and meshed with the ultra thin separator like other SAXX underwear pouch.

I felt that this pair could have been a bit more slim fit, especially if you need this to be fitted with on your body for workouts.  Also, the holiday pattern makes me wanting to enough the holiday food than workout in these boxer briefs.

Like the Sports mesh, the mesh material is great but I feel the mesh holes are quite small.  If I compared it to PUMP! underwear’s mesh, I feel their mesh is bigger it feels that more air can go through the boxers.

The rip away tag is on the left side of the boxer but after ripping it does leave some residue of the tag and stitching. I had no problems with the residue but it would be great if the rip away would actually rip everything off and not have this extra piece of tag with stitching still staying there. You could probably pull it out and hopefully not destroy the stitching on the seams.

The legs did roll up after a day’s wear, but it was not uncomfortable for me to complain about it.  There is not a lot of underwear that I’ve tried that does not roll up at all. They all roll up a little and as long as it does not roll up to a point where I feel it uncomfortable – I don’t think it is a problem.



Will I buy again?  I usually say Yes, but because I own so many pairs of SAXX and I’ve been trying different brands – maybe not for this.  There is nothing special for me to say I will buy more.




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