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SAXX is a well known brand for their BallPark Pouch.  In fact, this pair of SAXX is the first pair I purchased with a pouch designed underwear.  The BallPark Pouch is very supportive and is design for performance. SAXX Vibe is SAXX Underwear’s bestselling style which uses a super-soft, moisture-wicking fabric. They come in the widest range of prints & colours.



This pair of boxers it’s the most conservation color you can get from SAXX. They do come in many colors and patterns. This black, does include a white stitch around the pouch area to show the importance of the pouch. There is no other contrast stitch anywhere else. The solid color doesn’t add much style, but good for the conservative folks. The Vibe collection is available in trunks (3 inch inseams) and boxer briefs (5 inch inseams). If you read many of my reviews, you’ll know I’m a boxer brief guy. The reason is trunks are typically too short and rolls up into the groin area causing heat. It’s really just based on personal preference. The Vibe collection is available with our without a fly. The waistband has embossed SAXX logos and in the middle under belly button, there is a logo patch.



These boxers are slim fitted. There is no compression feeling at all. The ball park pouch is no different from all SAXX collections. The side panels for your package is meshed from to to bottom. The inseam length is 5″ which sit in between the typically trunk and boxer briefs. I feel that the length is good for my liking. The thighs are well fitted and they don’t roll up.


As premium underwear, this pair is no different in the SAXX family. The construction is well done with seems stitch correctly with flat out seams, so that it does not creating any chafing. The material stretches very well. The pouch starts from the waist band all the way to the legs with some room between the two flaps. The mesh layer where the boys sit is made with micromesh so that the boys are going to be kept cool. These are made with 95% Viscose and 5% Spandex. The stitching is good and I don’t see any issues with quality. The materials used are soft and smooth. The pouch is stitched well and does not cause any unwanted rubbing.


Our Views:

I recall buying this from Costco. They had two pairs for ~$20USD. For this price point that, you can go wrong with it. You can not getting a pair of SAXX underwear for 10.00. As my package generates a lot of heat; however, wearing this pair for a day in my hot home office – it managed very well. The fabric is soft and does have lots of flexibility. You can see the BallPark Pouch is mesh and quite thin. If you don’t mind seeing uncensored photos below, you can see how thin and breathablity micromesh fabric being used for the pouch – you can still see the penis through the pouch.



I own many pairs of SAXX underwear and it’s one of my favorite brands. This pair did not let me down at all. These are not designed for sports, but for your everyday needs. Will I buy this again: YES.


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I recently ordered 2 pairs from Simon’s after reading your review. I got The “Undercover Trunk” and the “Ultra Boxer Brief” both pairs with the “Fly”. I have 28 inch waist so I purchased Small for both.
The Trunk fits a bit small for the boys, while sitting I feel pressure from underneath, but wile standing or walking I feel comfortable. The Boxer Brief fits better all around, though I will only end up wearing them under track pants and other loose fitting bottoms as most of my jeans are the skinny fit.
The fly on both works great, the design keeps everything in place, but when needed it allows you to easily pull out everything without hassle like some other flys.

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