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SAXX is a well known brand for their BallPark Pouch.  In fact, this pair of SAXX is the first pair I purchased with a pouch designed underwear.  The BallPark Pouch is very supportive and is design for performance. How do these square off?



This pair of trunks like many of my other SAXX underwear is very conservative. The blue color with the black waistband is not very exciting for most. They do come in 3 solid and 5 patterns in the trunk variation. The waistband has the standard SAXX badge in the middle and stitched in the waistband SAXX all over to still show the branding in a lighter way. The solid color doesn’t add much style, but good for the conservative folks. As the Undercover collection is part of the everyday wear, I think this conservative look is great. You don’t need bright and flashy underwear everyday.



SAXX did say that these are slim fit, so if you are at the ends of the sizes and you do not want to tight fit, you should size up. For me I fit at the lower end of the size so this is not a problem for me. Like other SAXX slim fit underwear, the pouch area seems smaller. Guys with larger packages may not consider this version. For me, it feels well fitted in the pouch area and well supported.



As premium underwear, this pair is no different in the SAXX family. The construction is well done with seems stitch correctly with flat out seams, so that it does not creating any chafting. The material stretches, but I would say they don’t stretch as much as other collections. The pouch starts from the waist band all the way to the legs with some room between the two flaps. The mesh layer where the boys sit is made with micromesh so that the boys are going to be kept cool. These are made with 57% cotton, 38% modal and 5% elastane.


Our Views:

I bought this pair since I haven’t seen anything new from SAXX for a while and we haven’t reviewed this collection before. As an everyday pair of underwear, these are not bad. At $28USD I do feel it’s a bit steep. If you can get these on discount, it may be worth at a discount price. A few dollars more will get you the Ultra or Premium trunks. This pair is the lowest price of the everyday collections available by SAXX. The fly seems to be a bit smaller in comparison. First time I put my hand into the fly, I think I heard a little of stretch/rip in the fly.

If you are the guys who don’t work with with other material, this pair with 57% cotton should help reduce any reaction to materials that are used in the other collections. They do feel a bit more thicker in material which doesn’t cool down as much as the other fabric. They fit well and my package fits in the pouch without needing to adjust. There is still effort to pull your penis out if you decide to use the fly. One benefit of the fly is an additional opening to allow more air to flow. Like all underwear there is a dual layer in the pouch area.

The waistband is very standard and like other collections, this is one area that SAXX could improve on. You hear that SAXX?

The rip away tag is on the left side of the boxer but after ripping it does leave some residue of the tag and stitching. I had no problems with the residue but it would be great if the rip away would actually rip everything off and not have this extra piece of tag with stitching still staying there. You could probably pull it out and hopefully not destroy the stitching on the seams.

The legs did roll up after a day’s wear, but it was not uncomfortable for me to complain about it. I have reviewed so many underwear that says that the legs don’t roll up, but most of them do roll up in some shape or form. These roll up a little and as long as it does not roll up to a point where I feel it uncomfortable – I don’t think it is a problem.



Yes. If they are on discount.



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