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This pair of SAXX briefs are slim fit, form-fitting around the butt and waistband. There is a fly for quick and easy access.  The Undercover Brief comes in a classic silhouette, but pack the same super-soft, moisture-wicking qualities.  This also features the standard SAXX technologies: BallPark Pouch, Three-D Fit and the Flat Out Seams.



Briefs are briefs.  They could definitely have more style to briefs and how the cuts are made.  SAXX offers these in 3 colors only – white, black and blue/navy.  No patterns and they don’t look like tighty whites, but do have the large backing white a slimmer front pouch.  I’m not sure I like this design and the style, but I guess it’s functional.  What do you all thing?



I might have a flat butt and need to workout more on the butt muscles to fill the large back panel.   Wearing them after a shower the briefs felt fitting and everything seems to be in place.  After hours of wearing them, I found the thigh opening a bit loose and seem to expose the BallPark Pouch more.  If the BallPark Pouch was not there, my assets would be visible from the sides.  You can see in the photo below.




These are made with a combination of 57% cotton, 38% Modal and 5% elastane.  Overall, the construction is well made like other SAXX underwear.  As noted previously, I did feel the back panel a bit loose, but it could be related to my flatten butt.


Our Views:

I was expecting more from SAXX, as it’s one of my favorite brands for boxer briefs and trunks. These briefs do not seem to work well with my body shape. The leg openings are a bit loose and the back panel doesn’t seem to wrap around my butt. The fabric feels loose and goes up my butt crack.

The Ball Park pouch seems to cover the same area around the front panel of the briefs. It seems to be a bit too much as the package will not swing or rub against the legs or thighs. The briefs actually designed to cup your assets and keep them there. I didn’t see the need for the Ball Park pouch in these.

The fly was so small and hard to pull your guy out to do your business. Going over the gate just seemed to be better.

SAXX, you really need to reconsider briefs and is there really a need for the Ball Park pouch on these. It maybe OK to not have these with the pouch design.

Overall, I’m not pleased with these and have given the lowest score for any SAXX underwear I have reviewed.



Will I buy another one? No.  This is the first SAXX product I wouldn’t buy again.  Stay with the trunks and boxer briefs.


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I just read your review and agree with every word. I’m a huge fan of Saxx, but the briefs are horrible. Not just you, the fly is useless, assets hang out and a saggy arse…very disappointed.


That fly hole is pretty small! Not that I am that big or anything, but I was thinking of those times you REALLY have to pee and don’t have much time to pull your cock out before you can’t hold it any longer. LOL Could be struggle with this pair of underwear


Yes, I bought one of these, and after the First Wash they got pretty loose. Really much less Support then I expected…

Tommy L

Thanks as always for another thorough review, George! That’s so interest that the leg opening got so loose over the course of the day. I think of Saxx as having really nice hugging fabrics. Not sure if a more muscular butt would really help or not with that looseness in front or not.

Tommy L

Thanks for the additions. I think you’re right. I’d stick with the trunks or BBs.
thanks for keeping us all aware of what’s out there!


Great review! Just wondering what you mean about the fly being too small to get your guy out of? I usually use the fly when I go to pee so I’m just wondering how small it is, could you add a picture showing use of the fly?

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