SAXX - Sports Mesh Boxer Briefs $15 USD
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SAXX is a well known brand for their BallPark Pouch.  In fact, this pair of SAXX is the first pair I purchased with a pouch designed underwear.  The BallPark Pouch is very supportive and is design for performance. How do these square off?



These are the Sport Mesh in Navy Blue. It is a fairly conservative style and colour. Unlike the other SAXX models, the Sport Mesh features only several solid colours: red, city blue, navy blue, orange, black and graphite. They all have a blue-black two-tone waistband. The stitching is the same colour as the fabric. The Sport Mesh collection is only available in boxer briefs (5 inch inseams). It has a standard fly, i.e. reach in sideways. There is a stitched-on patch with SAXX logos and in the middle.

The standard solid color and muted waistband gives them a simple conservative look.



Every pair of SAXX underwear features the BallPark pouch, so what makes each model  different comes down to the material, fit, and leg length. Sport Mesh comes in are considered slim fit according to their website, but I think the size runs a bit smaller than their other models. I am 5’7” with a 31” waist. I usually wear a small, but this pair feels tighter than the others that I own.  Because they are tighter, you may think they have a semi-compression feel to them, except they are not. The material (89% polyester and 11% spandex) don’t stretch enough. The stitching on the mesh panel actually rubs against my skin.  On the flip side, the legs don’t ride up. The material is breathable and they stayed dry throughout the day, even after exercising.

I would recommend sizing up if you are considering this model.


As premium underwear, this pair is no different in the SAXX family. The material is breathable and similar to other mesh material like gym or basketball shorts, but they are not as soft like their Vibe or Kinetic models. The construction is well done and the stitching is solid with flat out seams.


Our Views:

I bought these from SAXX website on sale at $20CAD ($15USD) with free shipping (with other purchases). I might have picked the wrong size, but I believe getting one size up would have been too loose for me as Small works for me for the other models of the same brand.

The best underwears are those you don’t feel when you wear them while they provide the proper support. Unfortunately these are chafing against my skin and gripping my tights a bit too much to remind me they are there.



I own a few pairs of SAXX underwear and it’s one of my favorite brands. However, I would not buy this pair again simply because of the fit and comfort issue. Will I buy this again: NO.



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Jake S

Great Review Mike!


Fantastic review Mike, shame the underwear came in a bit on the smaller side but you do look great in them.

Mike L

Thanks Simon.

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