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National Geographic editor, Steve Casimiro, has raved the Quest udnerwear from SAXX as the “ultimate travel underwear”, but that was 5 years ago. How does it compare to modern competitors?



This review is for the Quest boxer brief in slim fit with a fly. This is the celestial blue colour version. As SAXX features many colours and bold patterns in some of their collections, this celestial blue colour is bright and youthful but not overly bold. The waistband is in a darker blue, and the stitching is generally the same colour as the fabric. The orange stitching of the pouch adds a splash of colour to it (but really, who would ever see it?)

The Quest I purchased is the slim fit boxer briefs (5” inseam), but other variations are available, including the loose fit boxer briefs (also 5” inseam), and slim fit long leg (8” inseam). It has a standard fly, i.e. reach in sideways. There is a printed SAXX logo in the middle of the waistband.



Every pair of SAXX underwear, including the Quest, features the BallPark pouch, which is a 3D hammock-shaped pouch designed to keep your balls and dick in place, separated from your legs. What makes each model different comes down to the material, fit, and leg length.

The particular pair I purchased is a slim fit version. Size small fits comfortably for my 31” waist. The pair also hugs my thighs just right with no discomfort. The material is pretty stretchy and soft. The pouch is soft and my package just falls in place when I pull them up. No adjustment needed. The pouch could hug just a tad snugger for my liking but it is fine as it is.



As a premium underwear brand, SAXX delivers. The Quest is made of 77% nylon, 14% elastane, and 7% polyester. If you look closely, you can see the checker pattern in the fabric with holes in them, which makes them highly breathable and definitely moisture wicking. They are also very lightweight and dry fairly quickly.

Compared to the Sport Mesh boxer briefs which I have reviewed, the fabric of Quest is both softer to the skin and stretchier. The construction is well done and the stitching is solid with flat out seams.


Our Views:

I bought these from SAXX website on sale at $25CAD ($18.5USD) with free shipping (with other purchases).
The best underwears are those you don’t feel when you wear them while they provide the proper support, and I would say they meet the goal. The legs do ride up slightly over a day of use, but my boys stay inside the pouch. My boys stay dry throughout even after a day of work and exercising.



I own a few pairs of SAXX underwear and it’s one of my favorite brands. The various models are marketed for different uses. I would recommend the Quest for sports, everyday wear, and definitely for camping, and any type of outdoor adventure since they dry so quickly.
Will I buy this again: Yes.


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Just received a pair o these, the feel great! Looking forward to try on the gym and see how it feels at the end of the day!


Greaet Review Mike! I am gonna order a pair of these for working out they look cool!


Hi Cam and Mike….I tried these last summer and really liked the material and the extra space in the pouch, but found they sat way too high up on my waist. Felt like Grandpa’s underwear must have felt like! Called SAXX and received a refund.

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