SAXX - Platinum Trunk Briefs with Fly $35 USD
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SAXX is a well known brand for their BallPark Pouch. In fact, this pair of SAXX is the first pair I purchased with a pouch designed underwear. The BallPark Pouch is very supportive and is design for performance. This pair comes from the Platinum collection and in a trunk form.



This pair of trunks is quite boring since they come in all black and works well for the guys who are conservative and do not like the bright and shiny underwear.



This pair is a relax fit which is form-fitting around the butt and thighs and eases slightly near the leg. This pair does include a fly for those who go through the gate.



These are made with 95% modal and 5% elastane. Overall construction is similar to all SAXX underwear and as expected like all premium underwear.


Our Views:

I have noticed that SAXX has slowly remove the trunk style in the Platinum collection and only offer this collection in boxer briefs. Not sure what they are doing to this collection; however, SAXX has created a lot of collections like the: Platinum, Ultra, Daytripper, Vibe, Undercover, and Mega Lux for everyday wear. For trips/adventure, they have the Quest and Viewfinder. For guys who are into sports they offer the Kinetic HD, Sports Mesh, Volt, Hyperdrive and Hot Shot.

We have reviewed a lot of these collections at Wearviews and some are so close to each other that it is very hard to compare.

This Platinum collection has the same features as Ultra and the Mega Lux collection, and biggest difference looks like the fabric that is used. When you offer so many collections, people may not know what to get.

The Ballpark pouch is similar to other SAXX underwear. They do have a contrast line so that you can see the pouch opening and how your assets will just slip into the pouch area. The pouch like other SAXX underwear does not offer a lift like 2UNDR or BN3TH style of pouch. One thing I didn’t like about the trunks is how the pouch area looks like with the tight stitching causing the ripple effect.

They do say that this is a relax fit and you don’t feel the underwear is wrapping around your body, but still enough to keep your assets in place. As part of our video you will notice the assets do bounce a little, but not enough to create any concerns.

There is a fly for the guys who go through the gate and it seems to be the right size. The legs do not rid up and does not cause any discomfort.

Overall, I am pleased with this pair of trunks. The pouch is similar to all other SAXX underwear and doesn’t really feel different. I guess you will have to understand the fabrics used and what is best for your skin. I do have a sweaty asset, and this pair does keep the sweat out and keeps him in place.


Will I buy another one? Yes – if they still offer them.


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Love the review! Saxx is sold at the mens clothing store I shop at for business and formal attire. It’s fairly pricey so I’ve been hesitant on purchasing for myself. The review really helps! I also appreciate seeing your profile view with an erection or semi erection. One of my biggest concerns when buying a new style of of briefs is how do they perform with an erection. I haven’t had the courage to ask the sales guys about erection comfort so that’s why this review is so helpful and appreciated. Plus they look sexy as hell with an erection bulge. Thanks for sharing.


Great review George! I’m glad you did another video as I feel that those vids are great for drawing in more traffic to the site! 👏 The only feature that I notice that sets these apart from any other Saxxx boxer briefs is the accent stitching showing where the pouch is…

Tommy L

Thanks for the great review, George. These look like great basics. Comfort is my top priority so these seem great for that. The “linear pouch” is a cool idea for those who like to point up. Thanks for showing us “thru the gate”. Looks like they make the gate just the right amount of looseness. Always appreciate how much effort you put into this.

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