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SAXX Underwear started off asking why can’t men’s underwear be better? Their goal was to find ways to fend off the uncomfortable effects of chafing and friction with your package. SAXX re-invented men’s underwear using the following features: BallPark Pouch, Three-D Fit and Flat Out Seams. Once they have established a well known brand for their underwear, they started to explorer other types of menswear. We are reviewing a pair of training shorts with a liner boxer underneath all in one package.



This pair of Pilot 2N1 looks like a normal pair of training shorts with a SAXX logo on the bottom left corner. They come in 2 colors, which is kinda boring – blue and black. The waistband band is a little interesting because the front uses fabric and the back uses a typical waist band. The back waistband has the SAXX logo sewed on the band. There is a drawstring right above the ballpark pouch to allow perfect fit. There are no side pockets, but there is a stash pocket on the back of the shorts. The BallPark Pouch has a highlight of orange to let you know your boys go into there. These are the same as the Kinetic 2N1s – there are cases where there is a noticeable bulge in certain motions/positions.



Since these are 2N1 shorts, it’s like wearing a pair of boxers and with a pair of lightweight shorts over them. They feel more fitted than semi-compression, and it does not feel like wearing a pair of tights. The Kinetic 2N1 is much tighter, while these are not too tight. So needing to go to the washroom during a run would be much easier; however, because there is no fly and it’s a 2N1 pair of shorts, you will need to pull down the front and go over the gate to use an urinal.



As SAXX is known for premium underwear, the construction of this pair of shorts is no different from other products in the SAXX family. The outer shell is made with 52% Nylon, 48% Polyester and the inner liner is made with 77% Nylon and 14% spandex and 9% polyester. The panels on the back are made with 88% nylon and 12% spandex. You notice a lot of materials to make this pair of shorts as it is trying to keep this pair of shorts to be the lightest in their collection. The construction is well done with seems stitch correctly with flat out seams, so that it does not creating any chafing. The material also stretches very well. The pouch starts from the waist band all the way to the legs with some room between the two flaps. The mesh layer where the boys sit is made with micromesh so that the boys are going to be kept cool.


Our Views:

SAXX is a well known brand for their BallPark Pouch.  I was impressed with how SAXX BallPark Pouch, so I decided to try this pair of shorts.  This semi-compression liner is not too tight, but seems to do it’s job to keep things in place.  They keep your boys cool and it doesn’t move everywhere when you workout.  The shell is different from the Kinetic shell and I would say there is room for improvement.  The shell  wrinkles very easy and seems like it can easily be full of static. When you wear them, they stick to your thighs and it just doesn’t look good.  However, the shell with the Pilot is much more lightweight than the Kinetic’s shell.  Overall, its design is for the runner and it will work well for just that type of activity.



Will I buy again? Maybe – the material is good, but static buildup is bad and wrinkles very easy just breaks the deal a bit. If I can find another pair of 2N1 lightweight shorts, I will not turn back to these.



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