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SAXX Underwear started off asking why can’t men’s underwear be better? Their goal was to find ways to fend off the uncomfortable effects of chafing and friction with your package. SAXX re-invented men’s underwear using the following features: BallPark Pouch, Three-D Fit and Flat Out Seams. Once they have established a well known brand for their underwear, they started to explorer other types of menswear. We are reviewing a pair of basketball shorts with their a liner Boxers underneath in one package.



The style of this Legend 2N1 looks more like a normal pair of shorts. The navy colour shorts has a much longer inseam that the previous reviewed Pilot 2N1 and Kinetic 2N1 shorts. The outer shell is a 10″ inseam and the inner liner is a 9″ inseam. They do offer 5 different colors/patterns: Blue Camo, Gray Camo, Charcol Camo, Black Camo and the Navy (this pair). There is a thicker waistband with SAXX logo repeated a few times. There is a line of red line added just below the waistband to add some contrast. There are slash hand pockets and a hidden FOMO pocket on liner leg. Another touch of a SAXX logo is added at the bottom of the left shell.



This pair of shorts has semi-compression fit. I would say if you fit in between sizes, you should pick a lower size. I wear everything medium with every collection of SAXX, but this pair seems a bit loose. Even the ball park pouch seems to be bigger and seems like you can fit a much larger package. Even with a looser fit, the ball park pouch still supports my package pretty well. The liner inside at most is fitted and not semi-compressed. There is a drawstring to help pull them together so that they don’t fall as easy. These shorts are not tight at all, so going to the washroom with these are not a problem; however, because there is no fly and it’s a 2N1 pair of shorts, you will need to pull down the front and go over the gate to use an urinal.



As SAXX is known for premium underwear, the construction of this pair of shorts is no different from other products in the SAXX family. The outer shell is made with 90% polyester, 10% Spandex and the inner liner is made with 91% Nylon and 9% spandex. The insets on the back is made with 99% Nylon and 12% Spandex. The construction is well done with seems stitch correctly with flat out seams, so that it does not creating any chafting. The material also stretches very well. The pouch starts from the waist band all the way to the legs with some room between the two flaps. The mesh layer where the boys sit is made with micromesh so that the boys are going to be kept cool and also avoid rubbing against your thighs.


Our Views:

SAXX is a well known brand for their BallPark Pouch.  I was impressed with how SAXX BallPark Pouch and I enjoyed the Kinetic 2N1 shorts – so I decided to try this pair too.  This semi-compression liner is at most fitted, which doesn’t seem to get the benefits of wearing tighter during active activities. The BalPark pouch does prevent rubbing between your package and thighs, but the I’m not a fan of the long inseam. If the inner inseam was 6 inches, it may be good enough. A 9″ inseam with a 10″ shell, doesn’t help keep me cool. Also the inseam is totally different when you compare it to the Pilot 2N1 and Kinetic 2N1 . The shell on these are easier to manage than the Pilot version. They are thicker and do not wrinkle or cause static, so they look much better when you wear them. The inner liner in this pair is different from the Kinetic 2N1 and Pilot 2N1 collection – they seem to be similar to the liner found in the Under Armour Qualifier 2-in-1 Shorts that I reviewed previously.



Will I buy again? NO – looks like they just discontinued this collection and releasing a new collection – NEW FRONTIER. Maybe that is the next pair I will be reviewing – just need to wait for some discount.

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