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SAXX is a well known brand for their BallPark Pouch.  In fact, this pair of SAXX is the first pair I purchased with a pouch designed underwear.  The BallPark Pouch is very supportive and is design for performance. This time we are reviewing the new BallPark Pouch in the Kinetic HD Boxers.



This pair of Kinetic HD boxers is stylish and has. This is the grey colour version with a touch of orange. In comparison with the Kinetic version (1st gen), I would say that my package looks better in the original version. The extra stitching in the pouch area tightens the pouch a little more. The waistband uses a stitch logo instead of that rubbery material. They have removed a lot of the contrast stitching in the HD model. Unlike other brands where they include an extra patch to over the waistband stitching, the SAXX models do not have them.



The HD version fit is very close, other than the pouch itself which has some changes. It feels like moving around the pouch extra stitching tries to keep your boys in place better than the older version. They remove the cross section bum stitching which doesn’t make it feel much different.


As premium underwear, this pair is no different in the SAXX family. The construction is well done with seems stitch correctly with flat out seams, so that it does not creating any chafing. The material stretches very well. The HD version pouch starts about 1 inch below the waistband and connects at the bottom in the perineal area. The pouch fabric has changed a bit in comparison to the older version. The flaps is still meshed, but much thinner. Sweat can sometimes pass thru this material, but it seems to be OK for now.

Our Views:

This is comfortable and materials are design for activewear – so it’s not as soft as other SAXX models.  The smaller pouch improves up and down motion and the closer of the bottom keeps the sack in place.  It does keep your package well and the fit is just right – fitted and not too tight.  Most of my photos I have my penis pointing down, so I’ve included a photo of it pointing up for the folks who like to position it up. If you have a long flaccid penis, you’ll need to point it down. The pouch will not fit. I’m considering myself having a smaller than average flaccid penis. You can see that there isn’t much room left before sticking out of the pouch. Overall, there are improvements, but not enough to be wowed about.  Seems like this version is replacing the original Kinetic going forward.



At the time of writing this, SAXX has replaced this model of Kinetic with this version – Kinetic HD (version 2). I don’t feel that big of a different in these two version, I would say in very active activities, it may make a bigger different to keep your package in place. If I have the option, I would buy the Kinetic at a clearance price before going to these. Will I buy again? YES, I will.


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I have the feeling that Saxx would fit better for guys that usually point up. But maybe because you points down it suits better for you so. I will definitly try some Saxx undies.

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