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These are made for guys who want to beat the heat. Hot Shot is equipped with the DropTemp™ technology, boosting the body’s natural cooling capacity. Whether it’s day hikes through Death Valley or sultry summer nights, Hot Shot will keep you cool.

I’ve been a big fan of SAXX underwear with their BallPark Pouch. They started off with boxer briefs and then later moving on to different collections. Today, they have so many collections that I have already lost track of what they offer nowadays.


This pair even with a single color does look a bit more interesting because of horizontal pattern of fabric. There is a mesh panel and then a more solid panel and it repeats all the way from top to bottom. The back has a full mesh panel at the butt crack to help cool down that sweaty butt crack. The inseam gusset also has the same mesh fabric as with the butt crack, but it’s intersect with the pouch from the front.

Overall, I’m pleased with this pair as a single color and if you look at the pattern boxer briefs from this collection you will noticed the two layer horizontal bars which doesn’t make them as good as if it was just patterns with cotton.



SAXX says that this pair is a relax fit. However, I personally feel that this pair is a slim fit over a relax fit. When pulling this pair up, I can feel the tightness all around the boxer briefs.

The fabric is not as soft as other SAXX underwear and I do feel that this is a bit rough in comparison to all the collections I’ve reviewed. After a few washes I did find that the fabric felt a bit better, but I wouldn’t consider it as soft.



As all other SAXX underwear, the construction is well made like all other SAXX underwear. The body panels are made with 85% recycled polyester, 15% elastane and the inset is made with 88% polyester and 12% elastane.


Our Views:

This collection introduces a new feature in the SAXX feature list – the DropTemp cooling technology. As always, this pair also includes the BallPark Pouch, Three-D Fit and Flat Out Seams. Nowadays flat out seams seem to be standard for any premium underwear.

DropTemp Technology
SAXX’s DropTemp fabric structure evaporates sweat, while you sweat and from their website they explain a few things about how it works (extracted from SAXX website):

    SAXX says that sweat is good. But not when it’s stuck next to your skin. DropTemp™ wicks sweat quicker than the “experts” in cooling. Cool just got cooler.
    Science not chemistry. DropTemp™ uses a unique structure to move moisture off your skin and keep you cool. And unlike chemical cooling treatments, structure sticks around workout after workout – wash after wash. Once again, it’s wicked quick.
    With sweat distributed through the fabric evenly, it’s primed to evaporate, and drop that temp. Any guesses which cooling fabric is quicker when put to the test? We’ll give you three.

The pattern fabric seems to keep you cool because of all around mesh fabric and the pouch area is dual layered so it does help hide your assets from public viewing when you are just wearing them.  But if you put your assets outside of the pouch the mesh fabric does show off what you have.

The butt crack panel can easily show off your crack when you stretch the boxer briefs.  It does mean that sweat will wick away and reduce the stickiness and help you remain happy when you are hot.

The waistband is different from other SAXX underwear and I didn’t like this one because of the imprint it leaves on my skin.  However, them using the SAXX and DropTemp logo to cover up the stitching on the back is a sign of premium underwear.








I worn this for a day and didn’t feel the heat under the boxer briefs and not sure if it does drop a few degrees.  Not going to put a temperature gauge in my underwear to compare it to other underwear.  This one I would need to try when it does heat up.  Overall, I have no complaints of it being hot and stuffy.  I do have a sweaty package and I did feel less sweat when trying them on.  So maybe they do work.


Will I buy another one? Yes – I would consider when they do offer more options and if they could just make the fabric a little less harsh at first.



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Hey George…thinking about ordering these. Do you find the leg openings tight on your legs? Also, how about the waist….is it snug or quite relaxed? I like a snug waist and leg openings that don’t feel tight. Have been looking for some SAXX with a roomier pouch than the Vibes which I usually wear. Thanks


Hey George…ended up ordering a pair of these on the Black Friday sale and actually like them a lot. Generally prefer trunks to boxer briefs, but these are great. The legs are great on these, not too tight and don’t ride up at all. Also, the pouch is roomy and doesn’t feel tight on my junk but offers support as well. I got the blue and will be ordering the black/gray.

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