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SAXX is well known for it’s Ballpark pouch underwear.  I also own a few pairs of their 2N1 shorts and are pleased with some of them.  So I was interested to see their swimwear, so here is the CannonBall 9″ Blue Tropics 2N1 Swim by SAXX.



This pair of swimwear looks great. There is a lot of designs that will fit your taste – from pattern design to solid colours. The exterior shell is made with 100% Nylon and the liner is made with 77% Nylon, 14% Elastane, and 9% Polyster. They come in 5″, 7″ and 9″ inseams for the outer shell. I’m not sure the length of the liner inseams – this pair has a 5″ inseams.



This pair of swim trunks has a semi-compression liner which is a mesh making it breathable.  It has has the well known BallPark Pouch attached to the liner.  It’s almost like wearing a pair of SAXX underwear with a pair of shorts on top.  It doesn’t sound as bad as it sounds.  The material (Quest 2.0 fabric) is designed to be odour and fade resistant.



The construction of this swim trunks are great. The hammock-shaped construction of the liner is as great as all SAXX products. The quality of materials are great, and the liner is fully meshed.


Our Views:

I would say I am not a fan with the fabric.  It does not feel like a pair of normal swimwear.  It has some plastic-iky feel to the fabric.  Once in water the semi-compression liner is great and it feels like those next to skin swimwear.  The downside is that the liner sticks to the skin once you are in water.  The water causes the liner to stick and may not feel as great as other swimwear that has a white net brief.  The liner does take time to dry, so the stickiness will stay on for some time.



Overall this pair of swimwear is great at the beach when you play beach volleyball, or for running on the beach as the BallPark Pouch keeps the boys in place.  However, I would wonder if you need it for swimming in the lake or a pool?  I would say that it helps to keep the boys in place when you swim – similar to Speedo trunks (I think they call them aquashorts) and not like traditional trunks where the boys can go anywhere.  If you are a fan of SAXX, you will no regret buying this pair of swim shorts.  At MSRP, I wouldn’t buy them because there are more alternatives out there.  I bought them on sale and I think buying them on sale makes it a good buy.

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