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Superdry Orange Label Sport Trunks (3.5⭐)

Superdry men's sport trunks from the orange label range. These have been designed with your comfort in mind, and feature a paneled design, a Superdry branded waistband and a small Superdry logo tab on the rear of the waistband. The sport trunks are finished with the signature orange stitch in the side seam.

Devon + Lang – Journey Boxer Briefs (4.2⭐)

Journey is the name, and comfort is the game. Whether your day's journey takes you downtown, to lounge-town, or across town - these soft premium modal boxers were made to keep you calm, cool and collected - literally.

UnderGents Inspirato Trunks (3.3⭐)

Undergents Inspirato Trunk has a sleek look with a slight leg drop for men on the move. Featuring the ultra-soft CloudSoft™ fabric, these Undergents will keep you dry and odor free for all day comfort.


ES Collection Double Opening Mesh Trunk (3.7⭐)

ES Collection delivers doubly with this Double Opening Mesh Trunk! Peek-a-boo openings in the front and back provide great styling details.


Pump! Academy Access Trunk (3.7⭐)

The PUMP! Academy Access is all about freedom which gives your package the liberty to hang naturally, just as it wants, in a soft touch, micro-mesh cup.


2UNDR – EcoShift Boxer Brief (4.1⭐)

Soft to the skin and smooth to the touch , the all EcoShift keeps you exceptionally cool and dry. Not only does the EcoShift look and feel great, it's completely eco-friendly.


SAXX – Platinum Trunk with Fly (4.3⭐)

Platinum men’s trunk briefs are underwear for men with a timeless sense of style who admire underwear that finishes a little shorter.

Private Structure – Momentum Orange Harness Trunk (4.2⭐)

Private Structure's Momentum Orange collection seems to be a hybrid version between a thong, jockstrap/access and harness trunks.


Goodfellas – Mens Boxer with Zip Front (4.1⭐)

With this stylish and trendy Goodfellas boxer you can free your bulge anytime with the zip featured on the front.


Nike Luxe Cotton Modal Boxer Briefs (4.0⭐)

Nike is known for sportswear, but how about underwear? How does this pair of luxe modal boxer briefs compare? Are they really luxe (luxury)?


Calvin Klein Micro Stretch Thong (3.6⭐)

My review of Calvin Klein's men's thong. Not as popular as other styles but still worth trying out. So how do these thong square off?

Aussiebum – Wonderjock Bare (4.3⭐)

Dare to bare to impress in your underwear. With WJ Bare you don’t need special strings, padding or artificial extras to stand out.


5 Star Collection – Mens Y Fronts Cotton Airtex Mesh Briefs (4.4⭐)

This pair by 5 star collection with a Y Front that is fully meshed. A great comfortable fitting Y Fronts with fly good for warmer days.

GYM Old School Jockstrap with 3″ Waistband (3.4⭐)

The GYM 3" Old School jockstrap is a remake of the old white Bike #10 model 7110. So how do these GYM jockstrap square off?

Hugo Boss – Essential Low Rise Briefs (4.4⭐)

How does these essential low rise briefs compare to other brands? A high end clothing company take on men's underwear.

Hook Feel Boxer Briefs – 2021 Version (3.9⭐)

Hook Feel is a pouch underwear for men you would wear every single day. We reviewed the 2020 version before, how does the 2021 feel?

Separatec Quickdry Boxer Briefs/MaxFresh 8 Inch (3.9⭐)

The Maxfresh boxer brief by Separatec offers a different fabric than the Everyday boxer brief along with a few design upgrades. Let's see how they stack up.


Calvin Klein Steel Micro Low-Rise Trunks (4.3⭐)

This Calvin Klein trunk has been available for a while. How does it stand up to all the more modern competition?

Andrew Christian – Square Cut Swim Trunk (3.0⭐)

These swim trunks by Andrew Christian offer a more stylish option around the water. How does this square cut swim trunk work?

Sheath 2.1 Men’s Dual Pouch Trunks (Small) (3.5⭐)

The Sheath Dual Pouch system has been reviewed here before. Today I'm taking a look at the 2.1 Men's Dual Pouch Trunks in size small.


Separatec – Quickdry Boxer Briefs (4⭐)

My attempt to find a great dual pouch underwear. I previously tried Sheath and now I've got Separatec Boxer Briefs. How will they stack up?

Wangjiang ice silk physiological pouch trunks (2.4⭐)

Metallic waistband trunks are by Wangjiang , renamed to Karen Space but Wangjiang branded underwear are still available on aliexpress.


Clever Edentity Latin Boxer Briefs (3⭐)

Clever Moda Latin Boxer Identity White: Clever latin boxer in plain white with a white and off-white elastic waist band stitched with the Clever brand name in gold.

Sheath 2.1 Men’s Dual Pouch Trunks (3.5⭐)

The Sheath Dual Pouch system has been reviewed here before. Today I'm taking a look at the 2.1 Men's Dual Pouch Trunks. This is the first pair of dual pouch underwear I've trialed so I wasn't sure what to expect. Would they live up to the hype?