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Hugo Boss – Essential Low Rise Briefs (4.4⭐)

How does these essential low rise briefs compare to other brands? A high end clothing company take on men's underwear.

Hook Feel Boxer Briefs – 2021 Version (3.9⭐)

Hook Feel is a pouch underwear for men you would wear every single day. We reviewed the 2020 version before, how does the 2021 feel?

Separatec Quickdry Boxer Briefs/MaxFresh 8 Inch (3.9⭐)

The Maxfresh boxer brief by Separatec offers a different fabric than the Everyday boxer brief along with a few design upgrades. Let's see how they stack up.

Calvin Klein Steel Micro Low-Rise Trunks (4.3⭐)

This Calvin Klein trunk has been available for a while. How does it stand up to all the more modern competition?

Andrew Christian – Square Cut Swim Trunk (3.0⭐)

These swim trunks by Andrew Christian offer a more stylish option around the water. How does this square cut swim trunk work?

Sheath 2.1 Men’s Dual Pouch Trunks (Small) (3.5⭐)

The Sheath Dual Pouch system has been reviewed here before. Today I'm taking a look at the 2.1 Men's Dual Pouch Trunks in size small.

Separatec – Quickdry Boxer Briefs (4⭐)

My attempt to find a great dual pouch underwear. I previously tried Sheath and now I've got Separatec Boxer Briefs. How will they stack up?

Wangjiang ice silk physiological pouch trunks (2.4⭐)

Metallic waistband trunks are by Wangjiang , renamed to Karen Space but Wangjiang branded underwear are still available on aliexpress.

Clever Edentity Latin Boxer Briefs (3⭐)

Clever Moda Latin Boxer Identity White: Clever latin boxer in plain white with a white and off-white elastic waist band stitched with the Clever brand name in gold.

Sheath 2.1 Men’s Dual Pouch Trunks (3.5⭐)

The Sheath Dual Pouch system has been reviewed here before. Today I'm taking a look at the 2.1 Men's Dual Pouch Trunks. This is the first pair of dual pouch underwear I've trialed so I wasn't sure what to expect. Would they live up to the hype?

Andrew Christian Vibe Pro Boxer Brief (3.8⭐)

Stylish Vibe Pro Boxer Brief is nothing but positive vibrations. Sporty design features a cute print & stunning mesh details. Does this vibe?

OddBalls – Marble – Men’s Briefs (4.4⭐)

OddBalls briefs comes in a funky designs and colors. It's the underwear that everyone is talking about! OddBalls?
Classic Briefs

Pump! Black Classic Brief (3.9⭐)

Read the review these Pump Classic Briefs. Sometimes it better to go back to the basics and wear classic cuts.

Pair of Thieves – SuperFit Boxer Brief (4⭐)

The Pair of Thieves - SuperFit fabric is cool to the touch, quick-drying, flat-stitched, and generally amazing. How does it compare?

Nth Degree – Mover Boxer Brief (4.2⭐)

This pair of mesh boxer briefs features the Nth Degree Nomad suspension pouch technology designed for the athletes.

Nike Breathe Jockstrap (KE1018) (4.1⭐)

Read the review of this pair of Nike Breathe Jockstrap. How does this pair of jockstrap work for the athletic you?

Nth Degree – Nomad Boxer Brief (3.9⭐)

This pair of boxer briefs feature Nth Degree Nomad suspension pouch technologymade with Zinc. How does the Nomad collection square off?

Jack Adams Air Army Boxer Briefs (4.2⭐)

The lightest men’s underwear on the planet! The AIR Trainer Trunk is exceptionally soft, comfortable and like wearing nothing at all.

BN3TH Entourage Series (4⭐)

These active Entourage Boxer Briefs are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles and are inspired by BN3TH's Entourage.

Nightaste Micro Mesh Jockstrap (4.6⭐)

Nightaste Jockstrap is a built-out pouch designed to provide a very snug fit & micro mesh design. How does this Nightaste Jockstrap work?

Joe Snyder – JS13 Cheek 13 Boxers (3.1⭐)

Review of the Joe Snyder Cheek 13 (JS13) Boxers. The JS13 model gives you all the sexiness you have expect with this brand with a supportive comfort.

HOM Plume G-String (4.7⭐)

Review of G String underwear in the Plume collection by HOM. How does this Plume collection underwear work for you?

WildmanT – Big Boy Pouch Boxer Brief (4.2⭐)

WildmanT Big Boy Pouch is designed for the well endowed man of you. This Boxer Brief sports the new longer 5" inseam leg and our standard oversized pouch with plenty of room for all you Big Boys out there.

SAXX Volt Boxer Briefs (4.1⭐)

Review on these SAXX Volt Gingerbread pattern Boxer briefs.