RBX Active Short Sleeve Ultra Soft V-Neck Undershirts
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At first glance, I was confused between RBX Active brand as Reebok and didn’t even notice it until a few washes later. The logo design and the marks make it quite similar and if you do some googling, you will notice that there has been some lawsuits between the two companies. Today we are reviewing a piece of undershirt from RBX Active.



There are 7 different colors available for this short sleeve v-neck undershirts: light gray, white, black, blue, green stripe, navy and black stripe. You will notice the colors are very dark and they do not offer any sharp colors. This is very typically with undershirts and these are the standard colors offered in men’s undershirts.  The green and black stripes already add a little flair to the solid colors. There is an RBX logo on the bottom left edge of the shirt. Not sure if it’s reflective or not. Other than that little touch the shirts are purely solid.



You will notice that as all shirts, the bottom opening is a little wider and because these are not slim fit or any form of compression, these shirts will have a little wider bottom. For slim guys, it may not look as good, but for well built guys you will appreciate the little extra fabric. Overall they fit well and I have no complaints.



Although these shirts are undershirts, they do use ultra soft breathable fabric and does have flat-lock stitching to reduce any irritation with any rubbing. This construction also allows 4-way stretch so that it will allow you motion in all directions. They are made with 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex.


Our Views:

As they have noted with the brand, these are Ultra Soft V-Neck undershirts and they are really very soft. They are lightweight and easy to dry. I was a bit confused with their branding of these, since the tag that came with this did say sleepwear and not undershirt. But then it felt like you can wear these as a tee and still go out and people may not notice it’s an undershirt. I wear medium across the board in shirts and did feel that this medium is great for sleepwear, but as an undershirt I would prefer a little more hug to my body. The good thing is I bought these as sleepwear/lounge-wear and do not plan to wear clothes on top of these – so for that purpose these are perfect. It seems like these could be multi-purposed and use them as an active tee, undershirt and sleepwear. The construction could be a little better as I did notice a few threads hanging at the bottom and you may not want to pull them off. It’s not visible to anybody when you wear them, but quality control could be a little better.


Will I buy them again? YES – these are soft and inexpensive. We all deserve having a soft and relaxing shirt for sleepwear. For undershirt, I would attempt a smaller size so I can get a better fit, but not sure if it ends up too small.

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