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This pair of underwear is part of the Joggers collection by Pump! This is an unique style designed by this Canadian brand. This is a pair of trunks with pockets placed on both sides to allow guys to put things into the pockets.



Pump!’s underwear has always combines a bunch of sharp colors to make them interesting. This pair as part of the Jogger collection adds pockets on top of trunks to make them a bit more unique. I’ve really enjoyed having some flare to my underwear collection. Having a full cupboard of black, white or gray underwear is just too boring for me.



As like all Pump! underwear, this pair also is well fitted and a bit on the tighter side. When putting them on, they snug nicely onto my skin and keeps everything in place. I find that pointing my penis up makes the pouch feel better and less tight, but if I point down, I feel the pouch holding it all together. The piping cup seems a bit smaller for my liking as my sack would hang a bit lower that the pipe. Lifting the sack to fit into the pouch area would be the only solution to avoid the pipe rubbing against the sack.



PUMP! Joggers are made from 94% cotton and 6% spandex, making them soft and breathable. Cotton is not the most moisture wicking material with underwear nowadays. Overall, this pair is well made like all other PUMP! underwear.


Our Views:

This pair of trunks is very interesting because the colors makes it less dull. The Joggers collection could be used at the gym and it’s good if your shorts do not have pockets you could put your keys or money into the pockets. I can’t imagine guys just wearing them at the gym and treat them as shorts since the pouch is only made with mesh fabric and nothing else. Just wearing them and lounging around at home would be ideal. You can keep little things in the pockets, but don’t think of putting an iPhone Pro Max into the pocket may just pull your trunks down. Plus, your swimmers may not like the radiation coming from the iPhone.

Since women like to put money behind their bra when they go to parties so they don’t need bring their purse. Guys can put money and their keys in their trunks and people won’t be able to get access to it as easy as your back pocket.

The navy blue pouch is the nice mesh fabric typically found in all Pump! underwear. There is no fabric in the inside to absorb any left over urine or any leaks when you feel horny. Any leak will definitely go through the mesh and land on your pants. However, the mesh fabric does give your partner a visible penis line or something to imagine when you need to feel sexy.
As discussed earlier, I wish the piping is a bit lower so that the pipe will sit lower and not rub against the sack. I always find myself pulling up my sack to make sure it is above the pipe.

The inseam gusset is colored the same as the pouch, but the fabric is the cotton blend. The baby blue color fabric is also the cotton blend which is soft and smooth. All the stitching is flat and designed to keep the underwear structure.

Overall I’m pleased with this pair of trunks. However, I really need to think what the pockets are going to be used for and when to wear them by itself.


Will I buy another one? Yes.


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Tommy L

Pockets! innovation or just weird? They look great on you, G.

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