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Pump! is an underwear company headquartered in Montreal, Canada.  Pump! Underwear combines sports, fun fashion trends and daring ideas into underwear. Pump! loves to keep their demographic open so that they can appeal to all audiences with their underwear. They don’t acknowledge one particular demographic for their underwear, they do generally display a look revolving around youth, fitness and sports.

Pump! does make boxer briefs, briefs and jockstrap styles and they typically have very stylish designs with a lot of contrasting colors so that you can stand out in the crowd.

Based on feedback and requests from some readers to review Pump! underwear,  I searched and found that they were on sale – so I decided to buy 2 pairs (to get free shipping) and review it.

As a straight guy, I was a bit worried reviewing Pump! at first, since some would think that Pump! was not meant for straight guys.   If you are a long time reader of my reviews, you can see how open I am in describing my feelings with underwear.  I also have no concerns exposing myself to any men with any sexual orientation.  We all have the same parts and there is nothing to be shy about.  Big or small, we all protect our crown jewels.  My bottom line is that nobody abuses me or takes advantage of this mindset.  I will continue writing with this and expressing my feelings of the clothing I review.

Based on the research, I found some people asking the same question and in short, Pump! could be worn by men of any sexual orientation.  Also based on Pump! description in their About Us section, they specifically say that their underwear is for any demographic and really targeting youth, fitness and sports.

Enough said about demographics and the debate if Pump! is designed for a particular group of men.  At the end, I purchased 2 pairs and I will wear them until it’s time for them to go.  If you agree or disagree, please leave comments below – I would love to hear your feedback.



As noted in the long introduction, Pump! underwear is designed for youth, fitness and sports with a lot of contrast colors.  When I picked which pair to buy, there were some that no way on earth I would buy and wear.  I picked a conservative pair to review and not the ones that are shocking colors.  This boxer only has two colors – blue and black.

Let’s start with the waistband – the stitched on waistband is the thickest boxer briefs I’ve reviewed coming at almost 2 inches.  It’s a blue waistband with large letters showing the logo of Pump! which occupies the full front of the boxer briefs.  The back continues to show the blue band with a much smaller Pump! logo on the left side.  The waistband connection stitch at the end seems to be some type of fold stitch and connected together.  This type of stitching creates less direct stitching on your skin which should reduce chafing on your skin. The inside of the waistband has a printed Pump! logo on the back with information on size and where it is made.  After the first wash, the stamp has started to wrinkle and will start falling off.  Also the stamping is a bit off as I see a little part of Montreal, Canada only  showing on the waistband.

The thigh/leg opening is also unique as it has a 1.4 inch waistband style that is stitched onto the fabric of the underwear.  The band reminds me of some luggage bands to keep the luggage closed.

The pouch area is strongly defined by a blue piping stitch to define the pouch and other blue stitch in the front and back.



Overall, these boxers are tight.  I could feel that the leg openings wrapping around my thighs, but not to a point where I would say that it was uncomfortable.  If you have wider legs, you may feel that it gets too tight and constricting, so I would advise doing more research to see if your thighs would work or not.  The leg opening is measured at 10 inches wide and I measured where the leg opening when I wore this was about 22.5 inches circumferences.  I would say that it’s quite high in the thigh.

When I pulled these on, I had the tendency to pull it up the highest as possible and that made things feel very uncomfortable.  I had to pull them back down a bit for it to feel better.  When you pull them down a bit, they do feel less tight and better.

I don’t have a large package, but I do feel that the pouch is considered small. There is still room for larger packages, but larger may feel it being too small.  Not saying they won’t fit since the fabric outside of the pouch is quite stretchy and your package may just push the side fabric out.  I put a stress ball in the photos below to mimic a larger package and it seems to be able to handle it.  Yes, I don’t have such a BIG package!



The material for these boxers are made with 19% cotton, 17% spandex and 64% nylon.  The fabric is totally meshed except for the pouch area which I believe is where the 19% cotton is used.  Overall the construction is at par to most underwear brands at this price point.  The fabric is very smooth and soft, but the waistband leg opening does feel a little tougher because of the larger band.


Our Views:

Overall, I do like the looks of this Touchdown boxer and it definitely has the football design aesthetic to them.  The mesh fabric is beautifully made and from the photos you can see how breathable they are.  Although the leg opening uses a thicker band and it feels tight, I did have encounters where they still rolled up a bit and I had the kicking of my balls feeling a few times as my sack was pressured against the band.  It could also be related to not fitting it correctly as a low waist boxer.  I will update this section on my second wearing and see if it improves the comfort or not.  They are supportive to your package and you can do any sport and they will not bounce around.

It looks like there is a fly for you to use, but it’s actually a fake fly.  You cannot pull your package out from the opening so you will have to go over the gate.

It’s possible that the 2 inch waistband is what’s making it feel tight and adjusting it down to the hip area does improve the feeling a bit. The boxers itself are very short and because of the shortness you will need to wear them pointing down.  Even my little twig is touching/pressured by the waistband when pointing up.

Definitely I will be adding my second wear review on these boxers as I may have worn them a bit too high which could cause some of the comfortable situations.   Stay tune – like or follow us on Facebook so you are notified when the review is updated.

2nd Wear

After wearing these boxers for a second time.  I wash these in cold water with detergent and do not use fabric softener and hang them up for drying.   I wash all my underwear using this mention and they do not go into the dryer.

After putting them on after a nice hot shower; immediately, I felt the tightness around my thighs.  The tight leg open and wide band does help reduce riding up, but unfortunately they still ride up.   They do feel a bit better overall since today I did not have the feeling of being kicked in the balls.  So that has definitely improved.

I would need to wear this a few more times before knowing that it gets better.  When wearing these, you won’t forget that you are wearing them, as the tight hug around the legs reminds you of them.  I am a little bit happier with them today since I don’t have the discomfort feeling this round.

Stay tuned on future wear to see if it continues to improve and if the thick band legging begins to loosen up or not.  Like or follow us on Facebook so you are notified of future review updates.



Will I buy again: Not sure – these are great looking boxers and they do attract some attention.  I will have to wear them a few more times before I could answer this.  I will update the review and let you know on social media that I have updated the review so you can come and see.


Your Views:

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Informative review! You look great in them, not too showy at all!

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