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Pump! is an underwear company headquartered in Montreal, Canada.  Pump! Underwear combines sports, fun fashion trends and daring ideas into underwear. Pump! loves to keep their demographic open so that they can appeal to all audiences with their underwear. They don’t acknowledge one particular demographic for their underwear, they do generally display a look revolving around youth, fitness and sports.

In other Pump! reviews, I have added my view on the brand and the positioning in the marketplace.  Please read other Pump! reviews for that.  Don’t want to repeat the same few paragraphs on multiple reviews.



This pair of trunks  has some nice shocking colors added to the styling and that is why they are called Neon Fuel.  They come in red (the one we are reviewing), yellow, royal and blue.  All colors they offering are a lighter tone of the color and giving you that neon color feel.  From far away, these will catch everybody’s eyes.  The red/white combination is used frequently in underwear.  The white waistband with the same red neon color Pump! logo on the waistband just shout out the brand.  This collection is not for the conservative guys as they all are bright and eye catchy.  Sorry – no black and gray combinations here.



The biggest complain on Pump! underwear is the sizing.  This pair also fits into the tight category.  When I pull them on after the shower, I can feel the tightness wrapping around the whole body.  Over time, it loosen a bit, but the tightness in the crotch area is still a problem.  For guys with long flaccid states, would need to pass this pair since it’s low waist and not much room to move your penis around.  For me, who is just normal at most, is finding it tight.



Like the other Pump! underwear I review, the construction is decent.  These are made with 94% Nylon, 6% Spandex.  Since this is a since layer in the pouch, we do not see the white fabric used in other Pump! underwear.


Our Views:

I really like neon colors and it brightens up your day a bit more, adds spicy to your day. However, the fit just turns things down.  With a low waist and trunk version, I see myself adjusting the legs a lot of times to a point I lost count.  You can see the legs riding up in one of the photos.

Since this is made with cotton, it’s breathability is not bad.  The fabric overall is not as smooth as other material and I don’t think it’s the highest quality of cotton they can offer.  The single layer pouch also helps keep the boys cool, but you gotta make sure you shake off any liquid residue cos there is only 1 layer to absorb.  It can easily past through the layer and get onto your pants or just have wet stains.

I feel the pouch area is just too small.  Not sure if they design this for smaller size guys, but the contour is just not enough and if I say it’s not enough, it’s not enough for many of you.  On top of the pouch being too small, the perineal area is also tight.  Fortunately, it is not the worst I’ve tried – at least I didn’t get the kick in the balls feeling when wearing them.

The Pump! waistband does make a strong statement on the branding.  There is no fly so that you will have to go over the gate – which most readers according to our survey don’t go through the gate anyways.  The low waist and trunk also caused an issue for me.  Most men get morning wood when they wake up or throughout the night when they sleep.  I was woken up a few times in the evening because my morning wood got so tight in the underwear that it didn’t feel comfortable.  I am not sure if this is not good for your penis health because you are stopping it from erecting in the evening and doing it’s exercise. 🤔  Any doctors out there to answer this inquiry?

Overall, I like the color and look of these boxers.  Definitely they will catch people’s eyes when you are in the change room or anywhere you will be just wearing underwear.

Since it’s made out of cotton, I will definitely wash this a few more times and see if it gets better overtime.  Maybe it’s like shoes where you need to wear them past the new state and things get better.  Unfortunately, since writing reviews I have a lot of underwear to wear and one package to fit them per day, so getting it cycled through may take a few months.  I will update this review after a few washes and see if things improve.



Will I buy another one?  NO – too tight.

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